Prof. Jon Poggie selected for AAE's CT Sun Research Award

Author: Alan Cesar
Jonathan Poggie

AAE professor Jon Poggie has been selected by his faculty colleagues to receive the prestigious C.T. Sun Research Award this year.

Surprised and grateful to be in the limelight, Poggie spread the credit to those supporting his work: “The success of my research program is the product of my outstanding group of hardworking graduate students (and a couple of undergraduates). They are doing the hard work to get the projects done, and persisting in the face of the inevitable difficulties that arise in trying things that have not been done before.”

“I also benefit from close collaboration with excellent colleagues here at Purdue, and at other institutions. Being able to work well in teams is a skill that I encourage younger researchers to cultivate.”

Poggie's research includes topics in hypersonics, like the effects of rough elements on aerodynamic heating; improving our understanding of turbulent and laminar flow; and studying separation unsteadiness and associated shocks.

The award is named after Chin-Teh Sun, Neil A. Armstrong Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Sun joined the school in 1968 and was a leader in composite materials research up to his retirement in 2016.

Publish date: May 3, 2023
Author: Alan Cesar