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October 17, 2017

AAE alum helps set world speed record

James Gregory, AAE alum and professor at The Ohio State University, has helped set a drone world speed record. Gregory was part of a team at OSU’s Aerospace Research Center that set the record for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of any size.
October 17, 2017

Purdue team takes second in NASA competition

A group of AAE seniors earned second place in the NASA Advanced Air Vehicles Subsonic Commercial Transport Design Challenge for their Project Indra aircraft design.
September 20, 2017

Zucrow Expansion Dedication Set for Sept. 22

The new Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories expansion dedication is set for 1-2:30 p.m. on Friday (Sept. 22). Speakers include John Philo, graduate assistant at Zucrow Lab; Mung Chiang, John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering; and Purdue President Mitch Daniels.
August 18, 2017

Purdue takes collaborative Hyperloop pod to SpaceX competition

Pure speed is the goal behind updates and improvements on the Purdue Hyperloop pod ready to compete in the upcoming SpaceX Hyperloop competition in California. Led by AAE student, Aaron Pikus, team members left this week for the competition, which begins next week and ends on Sunday, August 27. Working with students from Universitat Politecnica de Valencia and ME professor, Guillermo Paniagua, this is the is second Hyperloop competition for Purdue.
August 10, 2017

New CubeSat propulsion system uses water as propellant

A new type of micropropulsion system for miniature satellites called CubeSats uses an innovative design of tiny nozzles that release precise bursts of water vapor to maneuver the spacecraft. The research is being led by AAE Prof. Alina Alexeenko.
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