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Light at end of the tunnel for impossibly long year

We can't wait to return to a sense of normalcy on campus.

We’re safely working our way toward that, thanks in part to Purdue University’s Protect Purdue initiative and the many people working hard under it, including the student ambassadors that are all helping to pave the way forward.


Keep calm and carry on: Innovative aerospace engineers will solve this complex problem

The current state of the aerospace industry is just another downturn in the cycle, as manufacturers, airlines and suppliers struggle under the impact of COVID-19.

Aerospace is not the business to be in if you want calm skies ahead. But the industry will survive because aerospace engineers are agile and will discover big, bold ideas to restore customer confidence once again.


Passion not paused: Student org perseveres despite remote learning

We only see each other’s faces in fuzzy, 2-inch squares on a computer.

We miss our team trivia nights at the Stacked Pickle, our intramural sports teams and our once-in-a-while dining court dinners after long and productive meetings.

Slowly, members of Purdue Orbital are adjusting to life of remote learning.


A practical solution to the Federal Aviation Administration's proposed Remote ID regulations

At the end of 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration dropped a much-awaited Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, detailing rules for an unmanned aircraft Remote ID system. AAE students could have the answer: A proposed protocol that could provide a cheap and secure alternative to satisfy the RID system requirements.