Tips for New Students (FAQ)

How do I make a POS?
If an account has not yet been created for you, follow the "Instructions for a First Draft" posted at
How do I get a registration PIN number?
It should be posted in the Student Info section of your POS... once your POS has been approved, and once Pins have been made available to us. If you are not yet in AAE, OR on the list of students cleared by FYE to come into AAE, we cannot give you a PIN.
How do I register?
Registration instructions are posted on the AAE web site under "Academics". The direct link is You will use myPurdue for adding and dropping courses. For anything else, contact Lisa Crain.
How do I know what to take next?
Your best online source of information on the undergraduate program is on the AAE homepage:, particularly the "Plan of Study" instructions. This contains complete information and is updated frequently.

I took MA174. Do I need to take MA261?
No... 174 and 261 are equivalent.
I have completed MA261 (or 174). What should I take next?
My advice is to take MA265 and 266 simultaneously.
I have AP credit in French (or German, etc...). Do I have to take the next class?
No. Credit is credit, however it was obtained. All decisions about awarding credit for foreign languages are up to the FLL department.
I took CHM116. Do I have to take CS159?
CS159 (or equivalent) is required in AAE. FYE requires either CHM116 or CS. If you took CHM but not CS, that's fine to get out of FYE and into AAE, but you will still have to take CS. Usually CHM, if taken, will be used to cover a Tech Elective in AAE.
I want to take more time to graduate. What should I do?
See the "Nine Semester Plan of Study"
Where do I find out about Minors in other fields?
Information about "Outside Minors" please contact Lisa Crain
I want to do a minor in something. Do I need to do anything about it?
In most cases, if you know what course to take, just register for it. If myPurdue does not allow you to register for the necessary course, contact Lisa Crain.
I don't want to take two math courses at once. Must I?
There is too much math in AAE, and it is squeezed into too small a space. The standard Plan puts MA261 and 265 in the 3rd semester. If math is a weak point for you, it may be advisable to only do one. If you do only one, it should be MA261.  Then come talk to me about how to adjust things later. (Note, though, that MA265 and 261 have very little to do with each other…265 isn't even calculus.)
I have room in Semester 3 to take another class. What can I move up?
AAE 251 or PHY 241 or a Gen. Ed. or a Tech. Elective can be moved up.
Should I take Phys 241 in Semester 4?
Not necessarily. Since no other courses explicitly require it, it can be taken at almost any time. I recommend taking it before or with AAE333, simply because I see some (very general) correspondence between the two.
Must I take Phys 241?

You can take Phys 272 instead. Although it is 4 credits (where 241 is 3), the structure is more like 172 and might be easier for you.

When should I take ME 200?
We list it in semester 4. In fact it could be taken any time from semester 3 to 5. It must come before propulsion and I recommend it with or before fluid mechanics (AAE333).

I do not recommend taking it long before you take propulsion (normally semester 6 or 7). It is available in the summer, and is a good candidate for summer school.

I applied for Co-op, but haven't gotten an offer yet. What should I do?
You should register as if you will NOT get a coop offer. It is easy to cancel the registration if you do get one.

The rule about having to take summer classes does NOT apply to you.

How do I apply for AAE Scholarships?
If you would like to be considered for a scholarship offered to AAE students, please complete the application by May 1st prior to the Fall Semester. The submission process, which is completely electronic, is linked on the AAE website at
Who can I talk to if I have other questions?
Contact info is posted on the AAE homepage: