Faculty & Staff Directory

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Hany Abdel-Khalik
Associate Professor
+1 765 49-69718


Robert Bean
Assistant Professor, Faculty Advisor for co-& extra-curricular academic matters (GEAR, Co-Op, Internships, Fellowship, Scholarships), Director of Nuclear Engineering Radiation Laboratories, Associate Director of Center for Radiological and Nuclear Security
+1 765 49-63573
Arden Bement
Former Director, Global Policy Research Institute, Chief Global Affairs Officer Emeritus and David A. Ross Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering
Jeffrey Brooks
Adjunct Research Professor
+1 765-496-3630


Chan Choi
+1 765 49-46789
Sterling Couts
Business Manager-IE, NE
+1 765 49-45405


Anter El-Azab
Professor Materials Engineering/Professor of Nuclear Engineering/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering


Audeen Fentiman
Crowley Family Professor in Engineering Education/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-47781


Allen Garner
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Chairman, with Courtesy Appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Courtesy Appointment in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
+1 765 49-40618


Jason Harris
Associate Professor of Radiological Health Sciences, College of Health and Human Sciences/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-61271
Ahmed Hassanein
Paul L. Wattelet Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-69731


Zinetula (Zeke) Insepov
Adjunct Professor, Professor and Founding Faculty Fellow of Skolkovo/MIT Initiative
Mamoru Ishii
Walter Zinn Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-44587


Seungjin Kim
Capt. James F. McCarthy, Jr. and Cheryl E. McCarthy Head of the School of Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-45742
Ran Kong
Post Doctoral Research Assistant


Martin Lopez-De-Bertodano
Associate Professor
+1 765 49-49169
Teresa Luse
Associate Administrative Assistant
+1 765 49-45739


Linda Nie
Associate Professor Of Health Sciences/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-42625


Maria Okuniewski
Assistant Professor Of Materials Engineering/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-46406


Kellie Reece
Administrative Assistant to the Head/Administrative Manager
+1 765 49-45741
Shripad Revankar
Professor, Graduate Program Chairman
+1 765 49-61782


Tatyana Sizyuk
Assistant Professor
+1 765-49-44262
Valeryi Sizyuk
Research Associate Professor
+1 765-49-44217
Carrie Soloman
Business Assistant
+1 765 49-42583
David Storz
Nuclear Electronics Technician
+1 765 49-61563


Alberto Talamo
Adjunct Associate Professor
Rusi Taleyarkhan
Professor, with Courtesy Appointment in School of Health Sciences
+1 765-49-66632 or 1-765-313-1876
Clive Townsend
Reactor Supervisor/Assistant Lab Director
+1 765 49-45764
+1 765 49-69696


Amanda Waszczuk
Academic Advisor
+1 765 49-45749


Yunlin Xu
Assistant Professor
+1 765 49-69033


Won Sik Yang
Adjunct Professor
+1 765 49-44710
James Younts
Aerospace Prototyping Technician
+1 765 49-43339