Faculty & Staff Directory

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+1 765 49-69718
Ketan Ajay
Post Doctoral Research Assistant


Arden Bement
Former Director, Global Policy Research Institute, Chief Global Affairs Officer Emeritus and David A. Ross Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering
Hitesh Bindra
Associate Professor
+1 765 49-62433
Nathan Boyle
Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Maeve Brewer
Academic Advisor (NE Undergraduate Advisor)
+1 765 49-69164
Jeffrey Brooks
Adjunct Research Professor
+1 765-496-3630


Stylianos Chatzidakis
Assistant Professor, Associate Reactor Director and Director of Nuclear Engineering Radiation Laboratory
+1 765 49-49698
Chan Choi
+1 765 49-46789
Alejandro Clausse
Adjunct Professor


Allen Garner
Professor, Undergraduate Program Chairman, with Courtesy Appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Courtesy Appointment in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
+1 765 49-40618


Jason Harris
Associate Professor of Radiological Health Sciences and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Online Education, College of Health and Human Sciences/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-61271
Ahmed Hassanein
Paul L. Wattelet Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-69731


Zinetula (Zeke) Insepov
Adjunct Professor, Professor and Founding Faculty Fellow of Skolkovo/MIT Initiative
Mamoru Ishii
Walter Zinn Distinguished Professor of Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-44587


Jessica Johnson
Associate Marketing and Communications Specialist
+1 765 49-62133
Brian Jowers
Nuclear Electronics Technician
+1 765 49-61563


Seungjin Kim
Capt. James F. McCarthy, Jr. and Cheryl E. McCarthy Head of the School of Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-45741


Martin Lopez-De-Bertodano
Associate Professor
+1 765 49-49169
Xiaoyuan Lou
Associate Professor, with Courtesy Appointment in Materials Engineering
+1 765 49-62327
Teresa Luse
Associate Administrative Assistant
+1 765 49-45739


Brad McDaniel
Academic Program Administrator
+1 765 49-45749
True Miller
Reactor Supervisor and Assistant Laboratory Director
+1 765 49-45764


Linda Nie
Professor Of Health Sciences/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-42625


+1 765 49-43339
Maria Okuniewski
Associate Professor Of Materials Engineering/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering
+1 765 49-46406


Kellie Reece
Executive Assistant to the Head
+1 765 49-45741
Brin Reed
Business Manager-Ie, Ne
+1 765 49-45405
Shripad Revankar
Professor, Graduate Program Chairman
+1 765 49-61782


Jeongwon Seo
Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Valeryi Sizyuk
Research Associate Professor
+1 765-49-44217
Arvind Sundaram
Post Doc Research Assistant


Alberto Talamo
Adjunct Associate Professor
Rusi Taleyarkhan
Professor, with Courtesy Appointment in School of Health Sciences
+1 765-49-66632 or 1-765-313-1876
Cynthia Tomlin
Lead Business Assistant, Account Manag
+1 765 49-69696


Yi Xie
Assistant Professor
+1 765 49-62912
Yunlin Xu
Assistant Professor
+1 765 49-69033



Yang Zhao
Post Doctoral Research Assistant