Linda Nie
Contact Information
Phone: +1 765 49-42625

Linda Nie

Professor Of Health Sciences/with Courtesy Appointment in Nuclear Engineering


  • Ph.D, 2005, Medical Physics, McMaster University, Canada
  • MSc, 2001, Medical Physics, McMaster University, Canada
  • BSc, 1996, Physics, Zhongnan University of Technology, China

Research Interests

  • Development, Validation, and Application of Non-invasive Neutron Activation Analysis Technology to Quantify Metals and Trace Elements in Bone and Soft Tissue In Vivo:

  • Quantification of manganese (Mn) and aluminum (Al) in bone, and association between Mn/Al expoGsure and neurodegeneration
  • Quantification of sodium (Na) and potassium (K) in bone and soft tissue, Na/K intake, storage, biokinetics, and hypertension and cardiovascular diseases (CVD)
  • Quantification of magnesium (Mg) in bone, and association between Mg exposure and varies health outcomes
  • Quantification of other metals and trace elements in human tissues and small animals in vivo, and applications in biology and health sciences
  • Health effect of exposure to metal mixtures
  • Development, Validation, and Application of a Non-invasive X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Technology to Quantify Metals and Trace Elements in Bone, Toenail, and Skin In Vivo:

  • Quantification of lead (Pb) and gadolinium (Gd) in bone using an advanced Cd-109 induced k-x-ray fluorescence (KXRF) system
  • Quantification of Pb and strontium (Sr) in bone, and manganese (Mn), mercury (Hg), zinc (Zn), and selenium (Se) in toenail using a portable XRF device
  • Quantification of arsenic (As) in skin using a portable XRF device
  • Quantification of metals in bone using a portable KXRF system
  • Pb exposure and neurodegeneration (Alzheimer???s Disease and Parkinson???s Disease); Pb exposure and neurodevelopmental effect
  • Sr exposure and bone diseases
  • Health effects of exposure to metals individually and combined
  • Development and Application of Synchrotron X-ray Technologies to Study Metal and Human Health.
  • Synchrotron micro XRF to map metals in bone, tooth, and brain tissues
  • Synchrotron x-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) to determine elemental speciation
  • Synchrotron micro- and nano- tomography
  • Application of the synchrotron x-ray technologies in metal toxicology and health, neurodegeneration, and mechanism studies
  • Development and Validation of Other Neutron Technologies in Medicine:

  • Associated particle elemental imaging (APEI) technology to determine elemental distribution and diagnose diseases associated with elemental alteration at an early stage
  • Neutron generator based boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) system for cancer treatment
  • Biological Effects of Radiation Exposure, and Combined Exposure of Metal and Radiation. General Nuclear Physics and Instrumentation Development in Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary fields.


  • Recent publications (selected from over 90):

  • Webb AN, Spiers KM, Falkenberg G, Gu H, Dwibhashyam SS, Du Y, Zheng W, Nie LH* (2022). Distribution of Pb and Se in Mouse Brain following Sub-chronic Pb Exposure by using Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence (XRF). Neurotoxicology. 88: 106-115
  • Rolle-McFarland D, Liu Y, Mostafaei F, Zauber SE, Zhou Y, Li Y, Fan Q, Zheng W, Nie LH*, Wells EM* (2022). The Association of Bone and Blood Manganese with Motor Function in Chinese Workers. Neurotoxicology. 88: 224-230
  • Tabbassum S, Cheng P, Yanko FM, Balachandran RC, Bowman AB, Nie LH* (2021). Whole Body Potassium as a Biomarker for Potassium Uptake Using a Mouse Model. Nature Scientific Report, 11(1):6385. Doi: 10.1038/s41589- 021-85233-2
  • Zhang X, Specht AJ, Wells E, Weisskopf MG, Weuve J, Nie LH* (2021). Evaluation of a Portable XRF Device for In Vivo Quantification of Lead in Bone among a US Population. Sci Total Environ. 753: 142351
  • Tabbassum S, Nie LH* (2020). In Vivo Neutron Activation Assembly Design for Quantification of Trace Elements Using MCNP. Physiological Measurement, E-Pub ahead of print, doi: 10.1088/1361-6579/abc322; PMID: 33080584
  • Byrne P, Coyne M, Nie LH*. Improved MCNP Simulation Considering Neutron Angular Distribution and Its Experimental Verification. International Journal of Atomic and Nuclear Physics. 5(2020)023, DOI: 10.35840/2631- 5017/2521
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