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Research and Innovation

To meet today’s dynamic challenges, Purdue IE research is expanding beyond our traditional boundaries. Our human factors efforts are now developing a deeper understanding of cognition and decision making. Operations research is now improving computational IE and encompassing information engineering. Purdue IE manufacturing is now investigating the interplay between next-generation products and services. And production systems research is now focusing on complex systems and networks and systems-of-systems challenges.

Featured Research

Introducing Dr. Gary Cheng

Research led by Dr. Cheng, associate professor of industrial engineering, is breaking new ground in nanomanufacturing. Central to his work is the use of a pulsing laser to induce a shockwave inside a multilayered film topped with a glass sheet. In the latest results, researchers showed how to create large patterns of three-dimensional nanoshapes from metal sheets. The concept represents a potential manufacturing approach to inexpensive mass production of plasmonic metamaterials for advanced technologies.