Operations Research


  • Distributed Decision-Making; System Complexity; Mechanism design; Healthcare policy; Cyberinfrastructure for Engineering Applications (Abhijit Deshmukh)

  • Simulation optimization; simulation modeling and analysis; applied probability and statistics (Susan Hunter)

  • Interactions of optimization, Game theory and Industrial organization, with applications to model and analyze energy markets and environmental policy (Andrew Liu)

  • Computational combinatorics; Dynamic programming; Financial engineering; Multicriteria optimization (Thomas Morin)

  • Nonlinear optimization and its applications; Eigenvalue computation of large sparse matrices; Computational oncology; Soliton physics (Nagabhushana Prabhu)

  • Production system modeling and analysis, queueing theory and applications, reliability and probability theory, scheduling and sequencing, simulation methodology, and stochastic processes and modeling. (J Shanthikumar)

  • Optimization and algorithms; Signal processing applications in MIMO systems; Wireless communications; Quantum detection (Mihailo Stojnic)

  • Approximation algorithms; Automated design and inference; Computational science and engineering; Discrete optimization; Machine learning; Medical operations research; Network science (Mario Ventresca)

  • Design and analysis of computer simulation experiments; Stochastic process; Quality improvement and quality control; Applied statistical methods; Healthcare system engineering (Hong Wan)