Production Systems

Focusing on complex systems & networks

  • Digital-Industrial Strategy, Business and Financial Models; Resilient and Sustainable Manufacturing & Supply Chains; Production Systems, Operations Management, Enterprise Systems; Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, AIoT; Digital transformation, Digital Twins; Energy Transition & Transportation; Innovation Commercialization & Go-to-Market @Scale (Stephan Biller)

  • Environmental implications of emerging technologies; Urban sustainability; Industrial ecology; Complex adaptive systems (Hua Cai)

  • Methods in statistical pattern recognition for high dimensional data analysis, data fusion techniques for multisensor problems, multiresolution methods in image analysis, and knowledge transfer in data mining. (Melba M Crawford)

  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Industry 4.0, IoT touch-screen devices, smart sensors, and Cloud services, Management of industrial monitoring system and AI/ML data analytics, Innovations in Experiential Learning and Professional Development practice, Global Technology Product Management. (Nga Hin Ben Fong)

  • Logistics and transportation planning; supply chain analytics; system modeling and optimization; robust and stochastic optimization; machine learning for constrained optimization (Reem Khir)

  • Distributed control; Supply chain management; Computer/Communication networks; Sensor networks/Ubiquitous systems; Service systems (Seokcheon Lee)

  • Collaborative robotics, e-Work, and e-Business systems; Decision support networks for integrated production and service systems; Automation of nano and micro sensor networks; Systems security, integrity, and assurance (Shimon Nof)

  • Control systems, machine learning, networks, energy, transportation, cyber-physical systems (Sivaranjani Seetharaman)

  • Production system modeling and analysis, queueing theory and applications, reliability and probability theory, scheduling and sequencing, simulation methodology, and stochastic processes and modeling. (J Shanthikumar)

  • Robotics, Mechanism Design, Tactile Perception (Yu She)

  • Real-time Control of Smart Factory and Extended Enterprises via Digital-Twin; Modeling Human Decision-Making (Extended Belief-Desire-Intention Model); Multi-paradigm Simulations (agent, discrete event, system dynamics, virtual reality); Modeling and Control of Emerging Applications (Emergency Evacuation, Healthcare, UAV/UGV Coordination, Social Network) (Young-Jun Son)

  • Machine and computer vision; Robotics; Tele-operations; Human Computer Interaction ; Assistive technologies and Health support systems (Juan Wachs)

  • Design, monitor, and control of complex systems; Behavior-based dynamic control; Process/system model, analysis, and improvement; Machine learning and artificial intelligence; Healthcare system re-engineering (Yuehwern Yih)