Engine Test Cells

Engine at Cummins
Purdue grad Jennifer Rumsey, CEO of Cummins Inc., visits the engine test cells at Herrick

New frontiers of efficiency and power.

Herrick Labs is home to engine and hybrid systems controls research: focused on improving efficiency, reducing engine emissions, and developing efficient and environmentally friendly systems for alternative fuels.

  • Four test cells and associated control rooms
  • Supports up to 670 HP engines
  • Hydraulic variable valve actuation system, capable of controlling 12 valves
  • Single-cylinder rig for testing piezoelectric valve actuation
  • AC dynamometer and several eddy-current engine dynamometers
  • Emissions sensing systems
  • Space and utilities planned for future upgrades to higher horsepower and higher levels of emissions testing

Thanks to the support of corporate partners like Cummins, these engine test cells can study every variable of engine performance -- run an engine with 4 cylinders (or 6 or 8) and compare the results.  Purdue is proud of its continuing efforts to improve this backbone of automotive research.

Herrick Labs  •  177 S. Russell St., West Lafayette, IN 47907-2099  •  (765) 494-2132  •  hlab@purdue.edu