Visa Information

Apply for your travel visa for entry into the United States as soon as possible. Entry requirements into the United States have tightened considerably, so if you will require a letter of invitation in order to attend these short courses and conferences, please notify us as soon as possible. This will allow adequate time to obtain your visa. We will send you a signed letter in an e-mail attachment that you can provide to the nearest US consulate or embassy in your country. We do not contact consulates, embassies or the State Department. We cannot over-emphasize the need to allow several months for this process. More information about the US visas.

In addition, if you are an international visitor, student, or faculty member, you are required to complete an ESTA Approval form before entering the United States.

Authors & Co-Authors

If you are an author or co-author who requires a letter of invitation, please log into your Conftool account to download your letter. If you need additional instruction for finding this letter please email Kim Stockment.



Please email your direct request for a VISA letter/Invitation Letter to Kim Stockment.

Contact Information

Kim Stockment
+1 765.494.6078