Alumni Profiles

2016 Graduates

Emine Atayurt

Graduated December 2016

Current: Microsoft, Program Manager

Previous: The Boeing Company, Systems Engineer – 777X Airplane Level Integration Team (ALIT)

“My current assignment involves integrating the work of groups ranging from Supplier Management, to the airline itself, to qualifying the airplane as "Service Ready". It is particularly exciting to work on the 777X Airplane Development Program since it is bringing many innovations to the commercial aerospace industry. I will be rotating into Liaison Engineer and Customer Engineer positions in the future to gain a more well-rounded experience.

“My Purdue Engineering Management master's allowed me to take more responsibility as an entry-level engineer. Being able to effectively communicate technical data to a spectrum of audiences has been the one of the most valuable attributes I learned during the program. My Engineering Management degree has served as a gateway to technical leadership, and I look forward to gaining more business skills through an MBA further into my career.

“The need for well-rounded engineers in the aerospace industry is ever growing. Purdue’s Engineering Management master's program does an excellent job in providing the skill set required. Students considering Purdue Engineering Management should realize that there is great flexibility in the program to allow for their needs. The curriculum, staff, and professors support customizing your future career through your curriculum at Purdue.

“Having earned both my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Engineering at Purdue, I am ever grateful to have joined the Boilermaker community. I realized how far our community extends when I met a Boilermaker at a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Lithuania! You have support in all corners of the world!”

Naziya Noorani

Graduated December 2016

Current: Deloitte Consulting, Cloud Strategy 

Previous: Deloitte, Business Technology Analyst

“I am currently working in the field of Technology, Strategy and Architecture focused on Cloud capabilities. In my first one-and-a-half months of work, I was already advancing toward my second project. My first client was a big leader in the financial sector so I have worked in both Charlotte and San Francisco, in addition to my home office in Chicago. I have also been heavily involved with recruiting and case-based workshops at Purdue.

“Purdue’s Engineering Management degree has been the perfect platform for launching my career in Technology Consulting. Having the flexibility to choose both courses and electives that align you to the industry/field where you want to work has been a true catalyst for me. As I was looking for more analytical and consulting-oriented roles, I focused on Strategic Management, Business Analytics, and an elective in Corporate Consulting. I pursued Industrial Engineering as my core engineering discipline since this field had courses directly aligned to Economics and Statistics.

“Being a Purdue Engineer means being part of an environment wherein you have a plethora of opportunities to grow in any direction you like, from top-class engineering facilities, great management programs to sports, music, creatives - the list goes on. I have seen people bring out the best versions of themselves and go on to shine brighter in the outside world. I guess you can truly mine human gold here!

“If you know what you want there is always a way to build your path using Purdue’s Engineering Management Program. I am proud to be a Purdue graduate. Boiler Up!”

Ashwin Shridhar

Graduated December 2016

Applied Industrial Technologies, Controls Integration Engineer

“My current role is to perform system integration for custom-built hydraulic machinery. My responsibilities include programming logic controllers, designing a human-machine interface, validating and sometimes creating hydraulic/electric circuit diagrams, troubleshooting the machinery when needed, and effectively interacting with our customers to address their needs. One of my recent projects was to build a fully automated rock drill that the operator can control using a remote.

“Purdue’s Engineering Management program gave me the flexibility to build a course schedule according to my short-term and long-term career goals while also teaching me important skills such as professional communication, networking, resume building, and more.

“For a modern-day company to be productive, people from the engineering department need to efficiently and effectively communicate their requirements and goals to their supervisors, clients, and colleagues. To accomplish this it is valuable to have an understanding of the concepts and language of management along with your technical knowledge.

“Purdue is one of the best schools for studying engineering. Being a Purdue Alum gives me a feeling of pride, honor, and a sense of accomplishing something special.”

Stephen Whitnah

Graduated July 2016

Current: Lockhead Martin Space Systems, Senior Propulsion and Life Support Engineer  

Previous: Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Mechanical Engineer

"I am designing the propulsion and electrical harness systems of spacecraft for several customers including NASA and commercial companies from Saudi Arabia and Japan. My role involves a mix of 3D modeling, analysis, testing, and manufacturing support.

"My Purdue Engineering Management master's degree gave me a jump start into [my] industry. Engineers tend to have a reputation as poor communicators, [but] an engineer who sought out a management-focused degree stands out, especially because they can communicate the business implications of technical decisions. Knowledge of both engineering and business is a rare skill, especially for entry-level employees. 

"Purdue engineering is a legacy and a global network. No matter where I am, I find Purdue graduates who are always willing to connect and share their experiences. Purdue engineers are also universally known and respected for their strong work ethic and critical thinking skills."