Senior Design: Project Description


The purpose of the Project Description is to describe the work competed on the project and to summarize how the outcomes have been met across all senior design students on the project. This document is one per project. Therefore, if more than one senior design student is working on the same project, they only need to submit one Project Description.

Advisors approve if:

  • The Project Description follows the format of the template (the individual sub-parts (a) – (g) should be maintained.)
  • It provides an articulate response for each prompt while remaining concise.
  • Responses provide sufficient, specific details and concrete examples.
  • Includes the majority of phases of the design process and specifically references the phases as indicated: establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing, and evaluation.
  • Includes the majority of the design constraints and specifically references each one that was incorporated: economic, environmental, ethical, health & safety, social, political, sustainability, and manufacturability constraints).
  • Refers to work completed (in past tense), not work that they “will” complete.
  • Uses professional and technical terms.
  • Is well-written (grammatical, no spelling errors, etc.)

Use the following template for the Project Description: Template