Professional Development Hours

SymplicitySee live elective PDH opportunities by navigating to Events\Workshops.EPICS Lecture Youtube ChannelSee recorded PDH options. 

Instructions to Students

  • Complete the requirements listed in the chart for your number of credit hours and whether this is your first semester in EPICS or if you are a returning student.
  • You must complete a PDH Plan and PDH Report if you are a returning or two-credit student to record your PDH completion.
First Time Student Returning Student
1 Credit Hour 5 Required PDHs 5 Elective PDHs
2 Credit Hours 5 Required PDHs
5 ElectivePDHs
10 Elective PDHs

Required Series for First-Time EPICS Students

First-Semester Lecture Series: All first-time EPICS students are required to take five introductory lectures, covering the structure of the course, an introduction to human-centered design, and ethics. These five sessions are included in Brightspace.

Week Activity Where
1 Intro to EPICS Brightspace
2 Design Exercise Brightspace
3 Read Design Process Document Brightspace
4 Design Process Module Brightspace
5 Ethics/Community Partner Awareness Brightspace

Typical Elective PDH's

Any activity outside the normal lab work that aligns with the EPICS educational outcomes can be counted, if approved in advance through the advisor and an Advisor Approved Activity Form is completed.

  • Volunteering with Community Partner
  • Skill Sessions
  • YouTube Lectures
  • Entrepreneurship Events
  • Project Managers’ Meetings
  • Peer Design Review
  • Learning Modules (Youtube)
    • Project Identification Module
    • Specification Development Module
    • Conceptual Design Module
    • Detailed Design Module
    • Many more

Elective PDH Series

General Motors Leadership Series 22_new.jpg

The leadership series, sponsored by General Motors, brings leaders from industry, university, government, and not-for-profit sectors to speak directly to students in the EPICS program. Open to all EPICS students.

Entrepreneurship Series

The entrepreneurship series, in conjunction with the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship, is a four-part guest lecture series covering a variety of topics on how projects become business ventures, including your EPICS project. Open to all EPICS students.

Community Engagement 101: How to Ensure Effective Outcomes With Your Community Projects

This series will help students to develop their skill in community partner interactions through a series of how-to discussions. Students who complete this series will develop an improved ability to engage partners in co-design, learn how to avoid pitfalls in community-engaged projects, and learn how to reflect on their experiences to improve future decision-making. The series is led by Dr. Jennifer Bay, Associate Professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Dr. Lindsey Payne, Director of Service Learning for Purdue. Open to all EPICS students.

Learning Series

The learning series, sponsored by the Center for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of STEM (CATALYST), is a four-part series covering how students learn, teaching elementary students, teaching middle school students, and how to assess if students have learned. The series will include speakers, class activities, and opportunities to learn from elementary and/or middle school students. This series will help you learn about how to incorporate learning at age-appropriate levels for educational projects. Open to all EPICS students.