Visual Design Engineering

Visual Design Engineers contribute artistic form and functionality to product design, whether that product is a service, software, or a physical item.  Their work is often associated with ergonomics and aesthetics, but their engineering background sets them apart from industrial designers or product designers, in that their work involves issues of functionality, problem-solving, efficiency, and simplicity of use.  Students take courses in engineering, as well as in fields such as art, computer aided design (CAD), graphic design, and industrial design.

Students from this concentration may work in industries such as consumer products, merchandising display and model building, computer hardware, automotive, architecture, construction, and manufacturing.  Any industry can use the creative and technical skills of a Visual Design Engineer.

Their work may include designing stylish and functional devices (e.g. phones, tablets, laptops) ranging from furniture design for comfort and aesthetics, to automotive exterior design that considers aerodynamics and passenger safety, to the development of facility layouts and displays to convey visual ambience as well as improve efficiency or increase sales.

Plan of Study

Visual Design Engineering (PDF)

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