Educational Engineering

Educational engineering combines the skill and capabilities of engineering theory and practice with an education theory and practice background. This insight into what it means to “know engineering”, can be put to beneficial work in the domain of education, or educational endeavors. Note: This concentration does not qualify for teacher certification.

Engineers from this concentration may work in sectors such as: public/private museums – in particular those focused on STEM outreach, private education networks, not-for-profit education outreach programs, testing and tutoring firms, and education based companies focused on developing and supporting learning, educational materials, and curricular content in engineering.  

Their work may include: development of age appropriate engineering education materials, resources, activities, and teaching/learning artifacts; support of content management systems and educational operations activities; assessment development, tutoring and proctoring. Students may most likely desire to pursue higher education.

Plans of Study

Educational Engineering (PDF)



Last Updated: March 19, 2019