May 10, 2024

John W. Sutherland honored with 2024 AEESP Distinguished Service Award

In recognition of his contributions to the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP), Dr. John W. Sutherland, Professor and Fehsenfeld Family Head of Environmental and Ecological Engineering, has been awarded the 2024 AEESP Distinguished Service Award.
May 1, 2024

Chad Jafvert receives the AEESP Distinguished Educator Award!

"Having known Charlie O'Melia, it is really special to receive the Distinguished Educator Award named in his honor. As I am sure with previous winners of the award, we became good teachers, mentors, and researchers through examples set by him and our other heroes in the profession." - Dr. Chad Jafvert
April 29, 2024

2024 EEE Recognition Night highlights the class of 2024, along with student, faculty, and department accomplishments

Purdue EEE students, faculty, staff, corporate partners, and members of the External Advisory Council (EAC) came together April 25, 2024, to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of EEE this year. Seniors in EEE 480 displayed their semester long projects, undergraduates and graduates received scholarships and honors, faculty were recognized, and supporters of EEE were graciously thanked.
April 26, 2024

2024 EEE Undergraduate Awardees: Hailey Benfield - Rachel Carson award, Delaney Partridge - Wangari Maathai award, Nikki Zavodny - Gaylord Nelson award

This year's awardees: Hailey Benfield - The Rachel Carson award, Delaney Partridge - The Wangari Maathai award, Nikki Zavodny - The Gaylord Nelson award. Though the three individuals for whom these awards were named were not Boilermakers, they had deep character and took giant leaps to protect the environment. The hope is that the recipients of these awards will embody some of the characteristics and passion of those for whom they are named.
April 19, 2024

Lindsey Payne (EEE) receives Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award from Purdue University; her service learning course featured in local news

"I feel incredibly fortunate to teach, inspire, and collaborate with our talented EEE students every day. EEE 472, Community-Engaged Engineering Design, holds my proudest moments as an educator. I'm not only proud of the curriculum and community-engaged experience I created for my students, but the growth I get to see in them. This is often their first opportunity to "own" a real-world engineering problem and thoughtfully collaborate with communities to address it. They continue to impress me more and more every year with their growth in this space." - Lindsey Payne
April 12, 2024

Lindsey Payne (EEE), Marisol Sepulveda (FNR), and George Zhou (EEE/CE) receive funding for PFAS research from Indiana Water Resources Research Center and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Congrats to Lindsey Payne (EEE), Marisol Sepulveda (FNR), and George Zhou (EEE/CE) for receiving funding from Indiana Water Resources Research Center and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). These three Purdue professors are researching "Bioaccumulation and Biosorption of PFAS and their precursors in the environment." They hope to involve women, minorities, and undergraduate students to deliver new PFAS detection methods to USGS.
February 29, 2024

Team "Carbonbusters" named EnergyTech UP Central Regional Finalists

An interdisciplinary team of Purdue engineering students, led by associate professor Zhi (George) Zhou, is one of the top 15 teams among 225 teams in the country selected as finalists in the EnergyTech University Prize 2024 competition. These teams have been awarded $3,000 for their business plans and will advance to compete in the National Pitch Event this April at the Energy Thought Summit in Austin, Texas.
February 29, 2024

Rebecca Ciez wins a 2023 Scialog award for decarbonization research!

Congrats to Rebecca Ciez on receiving a 2023 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award! She was awarded $50,000 from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for her team’s project: “Plastic Waste to DAC: A Study of the Chemical and Lifecycle Feasibility of Converting Polyolefin Waste to Aminopolymers for Direct Air Capture.”
February 9, 2024

PhD candidate Taymee Brandon wins a 2023 EREF Scholarship!

“I am grateful to have this support for my dissertation research. The EREF Scholarship affords me the opportunity to connect with EREF staff, companies, and industry professionals, enhancing and furthering my circular economy industrial waste research.” -Taymee Brandon
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