Toxicity Credit Framework

Heritage Environmental Services (HES) is a privately-held, family-owned business headquartered in Indianapolis with more than 1,400 employees across North America. We provide a full suite of tailored solutions – from emergency response, waste disposal, and sustainability services to onsite support and technical solutions – to thousands of customers in hundreds of industries. For over 50 years, Heritage has prioritized the safety of our employees while pursuing our purpose of protecting human health and the environment.

While the current sustainability landscape focuses on carbon reduction and carbon credits, the waste industry does not receive proper recognition for diverting wastes from the environment and disposing of wastes in a manner conducive to the environment and the public. In addition, customers have asked about their impact on the environment and how HES is reducing their overall impact by disposing their wastes. HES would like to explore what a “toxicity credit” would look like to recognize the reduction in environmental harm when customers work with HES to dispose of their wastes in a safe and compliant manner. The team will develop a quantitative determination of the value of toxicity reduction within the waste elimination system.