Alma, Colorado Water Reclamation Facility Improvements

Through American Structurepoint, students are helping a town in Colorado. The Town of Alma, Colorado, collects wastewater from the town’s residents and businesses and treats the wastewater in a three-cell lagoon system. The lagoon system does not efficiently meet the ammonia discharge limits and it presumably cannot, in its current configuration, meet the anticipated phosphorus discharge limits.

The Town is seeking a feasible alternative from the senior design team to improve the treatment processes to reliably meet the discharge limits and is also considering consolidation with the neighboring town of Fairplay, Colorado. 

Senior Design Team update:

The American Structurepoint Ammonia Management team is working with the Alma, Colorado wastewater treatment facility to address concerns of effluent concentrations of ammonia and phosphorus. In addition to this, the team is planning for facility expansions due to a growing population and current residents moving off septic systems. The team is presenting various design proposals of different modifications to the plant in order to meet these needs. We have an opportunity to offer unique solutions due to the high elevation and cold climate of the region, and the team is excited to propose these solutions to local officials in the coming months.

*Not pictured: Abby Mitchell