Adobe License changes

Author: sundeep
Event Date: February 18, 2020
Adobe Licensing changes will likely cause unintended impact.


You may have noticed that Purdue’s Adobe License agreement recently changed. 

All Adobe Software titles (including Acrobat) will now require users to sign into an Adobe Dashboard Account. In addition, there are now two separate licenses and software versions, one for students (both Grad and Undergrad) and a different one for Faculty/Staff. 


Many Faculty and Staff already have Adobe Dashboard Accounts, and those accounts should not be affected. Additionally, we have requested Adobe Dashboard Accounts for all Faculty and Staff served by ECN.  This has already happened.  Two groups may not be fully covered yet: Staff who have a reporting structure other than through the Dean of Engineering, the Dean of the Polytechnic, or the EVPRP; and Staff who may have started at Purdue within the last three months. For example, Adobe's definition of Staff includes Post Doctoral Researchers, but NOT Postdoctoral Fellows. All Postdoctoral Fellows and Grad students, even paid, are considered Students by Adobe. Staff taking classes require a manual override to the automated systems.

Trying to sort through the exact permutations for our very mixed environment has proven to be more challenging than originally planned.

We have solutions we will be implementing to managed ECN client machines to accommodate the changes required, and minimize impact to you.

There are a few scenarios to be considered:

1.   Undergraduate students needing Adobe products on shared PCs – either in a lab or in an office that you work in will need to contact us. Sign in with your as your Enterprise School or Corporate Sign In method (with Boilerkey)


2.  Faculty/Staff/Postdoctoral Researchers:

a.    On an ECN managed PC, ask us to install the package
b.    On a Purdue-owned machine (PC or MacOS) that you manage yourself, you can install Creative Cloud from Adobe’s website. You will need to use your as your Enterprise School or Corporate Sign In method (with Boilerkey)
c.    If you have previously had an installation of Adobe, it will need to be uninstalled, and your machine will need a reboot prior to re-installation


 3. Grad Students/ Postdoctoral Fellows:

a.    On ECN managed machines, request a “Custom SDL Install” of Adobe products.
b.    If you manage your own Purdue-owned machine, we have just been informed that the campus license is NOT allowed to be used*. Our apologies. We are looking into alternatives: see for some examples


For assistance, please contact us:


*If you need Adobe products for your work, please let us know, and we will attempt to assist as best we can.