Qiao joins Board of Directors at The Combustion Institute

Li Qiao's six-year term on the Board began July 17.

Li Qiao was one of eight new members selected to join The Combustion Institute’s Board of Directors.

Qiao, a professor in AAE, started a six-year term on the Board on July 17.  

Li Qiao

She was one of two selected from U.S. to join the Board. Other new Board members include selections from China, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Japan. As a member of the Board of Directors, Qiao will be responsible for making decisions that will guide the future of The Combustion Institute (CI) while addressing the needs of its international community.

Founded in 1954, CI is an international non-profit, educational and scientific society that promotes and disseminates research activities in all areas of combustion science and technology for the advancement of many diverse communities around the world. It fosters a wide breadth of scientific activities, including regional scientific conferences, summer schools, lecture series and stipend programs for early researchers, its website said. Its international community is dedicated to combustion research as a field of eminent societal importance that cuts across many scientific and engineering disciplines.

CI also directs the publication of two scientific journals, Combustion and Flame (published monthly) and the Proceedings of The Combustion Institute (published biennially), as it works to promote and disseminate the most significant contributions for the advancement of combustion science.

Qiao was elected to the position due to her experience and high level of respect within the combustion community, The Combustion Institute President James Driscoll wrote in Qiao's appointment letter. 

Qiao’s research focuses on understanding basic science and developing new technologies in the areas of fuels, combustion and propulsion. Her lab studies fuels, propellants and chemical reacting flows with applications in energy, defense, space exploration, transportation and fire safety.

As a Board member, Qiao would like to enhance industry collaboration, bridge combustion with other sciences and mentor the younger generation.