Undergrad student selected for Forbes Under 30 Scholars Program

Karol Blasinski, a junior in AAE, was one of about 1,000 students chosen for the program.
Karol Blasinski, a junior in AAE

An AAE undergraduate student was selected for the Forbes Under 30 Scholars Program.

Karol Blasinski, a junior in AAE, was one of 1,000 college students chosen for the program, which grants students an opportunity to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit for free. The Summit, held Oct. 27-30 in Detroit, honors investors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, cultural icons, educators and political leaders, among others, who represent the entrepreneurial spirit of the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. The Under 30 Scholars are chosen based on various criteria that includes a written statement about how they embody the Under 30 tenets of leadership and innovation. 

With the competitive environment in the aerospace industry, Blasinski wanted to find opportunities to expand his network, show model examples of success and teach him how to manage himself in the future. The Forbes program checked those boxes, so he applied. Blasinski was notified in August that he was selected.

In 2019, Forbes also selected 600 people who are “changing the world” in 20 categories for its 30 Under 30 List. They’ll be featured at the four-day Summit, which will include opportunities to network, an investor “pitch day,” sessions with keynote speakers and more.

Exactly what Blasinski was looking for.

“The Summit is a great opportunity for students across industries because it gives a chance to understand how people who disrupt various industries think about innovation-drive growth,” Blasinski said. “It is very important to listen to those young, successful and inspiring people because you can learn how to manage yourself, your network and your career. I also hope to learn about their failures and the actions they have taken to overcome the obstacles holding them from achieving their goals.”