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Shelter-in-Place : Armstrong Hall Procedure

  • Armstrong Procedure - The Shelter-in-Place for Armstrong Hall is the Lower Level of the building. When the All-Hazards Emergency Warning Sirens sound or if notified by the Purdue ALERT system, calmly proceed to the basement level of Armstrong Hall. Lecture halls B061, B071, and 1010 are preferred for occupants to gather, in order to communicate among the group. Please be prepared to kneel facing the wall, covering your head to protect yourself from any potential debris. Stay in these sheltered places until local emergency officials have given the all clear announcement.
    Note: The All-Hazards siren cannot be heard from most interior rooms in Armstrong Hall. AAE safety monitors will notify AAE areas in Armstrong if the All-Hazards siren sounds or if a tornado warning is issued. Safety monitors or other officials will also give an all clear when the emergency has ended.
   ARMS Emergency Assembly Area
Armstrong Hall Emergency Assembly Area

ARMS Shelter-in-Place Locations
ARMS Shelter-in-Place Locations