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Research News

January 18, 2018

AAE Prof. Steven Schneider part of national research on hypersonic vehicles

Purdue is part of a team, funded with a $9.8 million, three-year contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory, for research and development in materials and structures for reusable hypersonic vehicles. Purdue will perform wind tunnel tests and associated computer modeling since the University operates a unique wind tunnel capable of running “quietly” while conducting experiments in airstreams traveling at Mach 6.
December 8, 2017

AAE In the News: AAE professor helps drive the future for improved fuel efficiency

AAE Prof. Michael Sangid led a team of researchers who are helping to predict the future of lightweight vehicles enabled by composite materials. The Purdue team looked at experimental characterization of the composite microstructure, validation of the predictive engineering tools, and uncertainty quantification of the measurement techniques.
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