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John Phillips photo AAE Staff Honored for Years of Service to Purdue
AAE Machinist James Younts has been with the university for 20 years. Electronics Specialist John Phillips is being recognized for 10 years of service.
Michael Grant photo AAE Assistant Professor Michael Grant Wins Best Paper Award
AAE Assistant Professor Michael Grant received the Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Best Paper Award for a paper he presented at the 2015 AIAA Conference in Dallas, TX.
Dr. Longuski’s Advanced Astrodynamics Concepts research group AAE Professor James Longuski Continues Collaboration with Dr. Buzz Aldrin
As part of an ongoing collaboration known as Project Aldrin-Purdue, AAE Professor James Longuski’s senior design course will once again be evaluating Gemini and Apollo astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin’s plan to establish permanent human presence on Mars by 2040.
Sigma Gamma Tau logo Purdue Chapter of Aerospace Honor Society Initiates 27 New Members
Sigma Gamma Tau held its initiation on December 8th. The honor society for Aerospace Engineering initiated 27 new members. Sigma Gamma Tau is advised by AAE Assistant Professor Michael Grant.
Timothée Pourpoint photo Purdue Team Led by AAE Associate Professor Timothée Pourpoint Creates High-Tech Torches for Indiana Bicentennial
An interdisciplinary team of students and faculty at Purdue University, led by AAE Associate Professor Timothée Pourpoint, has designed and built three types of torches that will be central to Indiana’s bicentennial relay next year.

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