High Pressure Laboratory: East Test Cell

Aerial view of High Pressure Laboratory The East Test Cell (virtual tour) in the High Pressure Laboratory contains two rocket propulsion test stands. Test Stand A is a single component thrust measurement stand designed for liquid propellant engines producing up to 10,000 pounds of thrust. 5,000 psi liquid oxygen at 15 lbm/sec is supplied to the stand from a 22 gallon vacuum jacketed tank through insulated 1.5 inch schedule 160 stainless steel pipe. Kerosene at 5,000 psi and 15 lbm/sec is supplied from a 15 gallon tank. Hydrogen peroxide and water are also available to the test stand from a 110 gallon 5,000 psi stainless steel tank. Propellant tank pressurization and engine purges are performed using nitrogen from a 250 ft3 tube trailer at 6,000 psi. A 2,400 gallon liquid nitrogen tank with a 6,000 psi pump and vaporizer maintain the pressure in the trailer.

Test Stand B is a 3,000 pound, six-component, thrust measurement stand with liquid rocket and air-breathing engine capabilities. Hydrogen peroxide is supplied to the stand at 1,800 psi from a four gallon tank through half-inch lines. Liquid hydrocarbon propellants are supplied from a second 1,800 psi four gallon tank. Heated air at 20 lbm/sec and 1400 deg R is delivered to the stand from the Laboratory's 1,500 psi air supply and natural gas fired heat exchanger.

Testing is performed remotely from the facility control room (virtual tour) via computer control. The data acquisition and control system is PC based using National Instruments hardware and Labview software. The 16 bit data system can acquire 160 channels of pressure and voltage data and 128 channels of thermocouple data at 1,000 S/s/ch. This channel count allows both test stands to be installed and fully instrumented at the same time. Propellant tank pressurization and purge set pressures are computer controlled through Tescom ER3000 controllers. An eight channel, one million S/s/ch, high speed data acquisition system with eight channels of ICP signal conditioning also serves the lab. Video coverage for the test cell is provided by two pan-tilt-zoom video cameras and 2 fixed video cameras.
  • Liquid propellant rocket engine testing
  • 10,000 lb thrust test stand
  • 16-bit National Instrument data / control system
    • 160 pressure / voltage channels
    • 128 thermocouple channels
    • microsecond time resolution ignition control
  • 1,500 gallon bulk liquid oxygen storage
  • 2,400 gallon bulk liquid nitrogen storage
  • 6,000 psi nitrogen with 250 ft3 tube trailor
  • 22 gallon 5,000 psi liquid oxygen tank
  • 16 gallon 5,000 psi fuel tank
  • 110 gallon 5,000 psi hydrogen peroxide tank
  • 400 gallon 800 psi hydrogen peroxide tank
  • Propellant flow rates to 15 lbm/sec
  • 8 channel, 1 million S/s/ch data system
  • 18'' reinforced concrete test cell walls with containment
  • DVD recording capabilities with pan-tilt-zoom video system
  • Control room is remotely located from test cells

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