Purdue University has a strong tradition in propulsion research for air breathing and rocket applications and for providing students with a hands-on education in the aerospace sciences. Recent improvements represent major enhancements of the experimental capabilities at Purdue, including the Advanced Propellants and Combustion Laboratory (APCL) and the High Pressure Laboratory (West and East) at the Maurice Zucrow Laboratories (MZL). A history of MZL can be found here. Both test facilities were constructed specifically for propulsion research and contain reinforced concrete test cells with associated control rooms and assembly areas. Recent sponsors have helped to make Purdue's facilities world-renowned in rocket propulsion research. Several of the buildings (not discussed here) located at MZL are operated by the Mechanical Engineering Department (ME).

Pintle injector test firing Aerial view of Maurice Zucrow Laboratories Pulse detonation engine (PDE) test firing

Information concerning specific projects can be found on Professors individual webpages.
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