AAE 2010 - 2011 Donor Honor Roll

Your financial support leaves a lasting impact on Purdue and the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. These gifts help us to achieve our mission in preparing students to be leaders in the aerospace field.

Our annual Donor Honor Roll lists our alumni and friends and corporate donors who have given generously of their financial resources to support the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Many thanks for your investment in us.

Corporate Donors

3M Foundation, Inc.
Alcoa Foundation
American Astronautical Society-SFMC
Analytical Graphics, Inc.
Applied Design Incorporated
AT&T Foundation
Autodesk Incorporated
Baere Aerospace Consulting
Ball Corporation
Baxter International Foundation
Baxter Pharmaceuticals Solutions LLC
Boeing Gift Matching Program
Brian & Jill Rowe Foundation
Callaway Golf Company
Caterpillar Foundation
Chrysler Foundation
Delta Foundation MG Program
Deutsche Bank Americas Fdn.
Dunville Family Charitable Fdn. Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Foundation for Christian Stewardship, Inc.
General Electric Foundation
General Motors Corporation
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
IBM International Foundation
IMA Life North America
Johnson Controls Foundation
Juniper Networks
Lincoln Financial Group Foundation, Inc.
McAllister Foundation, Inc.
McGuirt Construction & Realty
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Giving Campaign
MY-TE Products, Inc.
Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Proctor & Gamble Fund
Parker Hannifin Foundation
PC 16K Challenge Match
Raytheon Company
Rockwell Collins, Inc.
Rockwell Collins MGP
Rolls-Royce North American, Inc.
Science Applications International Corporation
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Sun Microsystems Inc.
The Boeing Company
The Procter & Gamble Company
United Technologies
Verizon Wireless

$100,000 and above

Mr. Richard H. Couch
Mr. Richard F. Swenson

$10,000 – $99,999

Mr. C. William Bright and Mrs. Donna M. Bright
Cynthia B. Ellis and Mrs. Patricia J. Bueker in memory of Robert A. Bueker
Mr. Mark A. Burgess and Mrs. Laura J. Burgess
Mr. Rune C. Eliasen and Mrs. Barbara A. Eliasen
Mrs. Jean Elrod and Mr. Robert H. Elrod
Dr. John B. Hayhurst and Mrs. Linda L. Hayhurst
Dr. H. Mike Hua and Mrs. Margaret Hua
Mr. Andrew H. Kasowski and Mrs. Phyllis A. Kasowski
Mrs. Hazel L. Kendle in Memory of K.O. Johnson
Mrs. Irene K. King and Mr. Douglas B. King
Mrs. Heddy H. Kurz
Mr. Rudolph R. Mueller, III and Mrs. Corinne Mueller
Dr. Sistla Sri R. Murty and Mrs. Vardhani Murty in Honor of Prof. George & Patricia Palmer
Dr. David O. Swain and Mrs. Linda I. Swain
Mrs. Jill Trapp Rowe
Mr. J. William Uhrig Jr. and Ms. Anastasia Vournas in Honor of Prof. George & Patricia Palmer

$5,000 – $9,999

Mr. William H. Dunton and Mrs. Sally R. Dunton
Mr. Glenn R. Dunville and Mrs. Sharon K. Dunville
Mr. Eric G. Dunville and Mrs. Guyneth P. Dunville
Mr. Robert D. Hostetler and Mrs. Ellen K. Hostetler
Dr. Andrew M. King and Mrs. Monika G. King
Ms. Patricia D. Spence, P.E., BCEE and Mr. Steven A. Spence
Mr. Timothy L. Trowbridge and Mrs. Cynthia L. Trowbridge
Mr. Frederick G. Weaver and Mrs. Rita C. Weaver

$1,000 – $4,999

Dr. William H. Ailor III and Dr. Barbara J. Ailor
Dr. David A. Alspach and Mrs. Marcelyn Alspach
Dr. Terry V. Baughn and Mrs. Carol Baughn
Mr. Bradley D. Belcher and Mrs. Jane M. Belcher
Mrs. Jeanne H. Bellish
Mr. Joel A. Benson and Mrs. Jeanine R. Benson
Mrs. Trudy Bernet
Col. (Ret.) Mark N. Brown and Mrs. Lynne A. Brown
Mr. Edwin S. Chim and Mrs. Peili Chim
Mr. Steven Paul Chivington and Mrs. Victoria B. Chivington
Mr. Marvin D. Clark and Mrs. Ingrid C. Clark
Mr. Michael J. Corso and Mrs. Sandra G. Corso
Dr. Albert N. Danial and Mrs. Ashley C. Danial
Mr. Darryl Davis and Mrs. Theresa Davis
Mr. Roger deQuay
Dr. Scott W. Doebling and Mrs. Karen L. Doebling
Mr. Edward G. Dorsey and Mrs. Hilah Dorsey
Mrs. Suzanne M. Eckstein and Mr. Robert M. Eckstein
Dr. Steven M. Ehlers and Mrs. Catherine L. Ehlers
Dr. Dennis N. Epple and Mrs. Linda Argotie Epple
Mr. John Ervin Jr. and Mrs. Nancy W. Ervin
Dr. David L. Filmer and Dr. Christiane E. Keck
Ms. Sheryl Anne Fine and Mr. John B. Lewis
Dr. Sanjay Garg
Mr. Robert L. Gilson and Mrs. Jayne Gilson
Mr. John P. Gleiter and Mrs. Roberta Banaszak Gleiter
Dr. Alten F. Grandt Jr. and Mrs. Barbara Grandt
Mr. Jeffrey L. Grove and Mrs. Christiane Grove
Dr. Winthrop A. Gustafson and Dr. Sarah E. Gustafson
Mr. Lloyd E. Hackman and Mrs. Rosalene Hackman
Mr. Robert J. Hamaker and Mrs. Joanne A. Hamaker
Mr. Glenn A. Hankins and Mrs. Patricia Hankins
Mr. Timothy H. Harmon and Mrs. Mariann Spangler Harmon
Mr. Wayne Hawk and Mrs. Charline Hawk
Mrs. Danielle K. Hestermann and Mr. Eli V. Hesterman
Mr William G. Holder and Mrs. Ruthanne S. Holder
Dr. Grant A. Hosack and Mrs. Marcella L. Hosack
Thuan Nguyen Huu
Mr. Wesley T. Imada
Mr. Roman A. Jamrogiewicz
Dr. Kwang-Chi Jen and Kuey-Mei Jen
Col. (Ret.) Douglas Allyn Joyce and Mrs. Phyllis Joyce
Mr. H. Irving Kerr and Mrs. Annette Kerr
Mr. David G. Lane and Mrs. Mary Beth Lane
Mr. Vlado Lenoch and Mrs. Mary Lucia Lenoch
Mr. Jerry L. Lockenour and Ms. Rosalie A. Russo
Martin L. Marler
Mr. Kerry D. Masher
Dr. Joseph D. Mason and Mrs. Barbara E. Mason
Mr. Dean G. Matz and Dr. Susan G. Matz
Mr. Thomas L. Maxwell and Mrs. Joan Marie Maxwell
Ms. Colleen Ann McCoy
Mr. Jeffery R. Miller
Mr. Gary E. Mitchell
Mr. Harold A. Montgomery and Mrs. Janet Dayle Montgomery
Mr. Walter W. Newgeon and Mrs. Elizabeth Newgeon
Mr. James P. Noblitt and Mrs. Carmen Noblitt
Dr. David J. Orban and Mrs. Barbara Orban
Mr. Gary Eugene Payton and Hon. Sue C. Payton
Mr. Robert A. Reed and Mrs. Rosemary Reed
Mrs. Linda Remson
Dr. Richard Byram Rivir
Dr. Herbert F. Rogers and Mrs. Ida J. Rogers
Ms. Tamaira E. Ross and Dr. Stephen W. Montgomery
Mr. Kenneth Bateson Sanger and Mrs. Donna Renae Sanger
Mr. Robert I. Sattler
Mr. John R. Schiffer Jr. and Ms. Linda Schiffer
Mr. Robert G. Sheldon
Dr. Tom I. Ping Shih and Mrs. Audrey Shih
Dr. James T. Silverthorn and Mrs. Malynna K. Silverthorn
Mr. M. Andrew Simo and Mrs. Cherie A. Simo
Mr. Dale A. Smith
Mr. Robert W. Stalker and Ms. Sherilyn R. Fisher
Mr. Albert J. Stefan
Mr. Raymond E. Stone and Mrs. Lori Stone
Mr. Arthur E. Strathman Jr. and Mrs. Jane B. Strathman
Dr. Robert L. Strickler and Mrs. Mary C. Strickler
Dr. John P. Sullivan and Mrs. Jean E. Sullivan
Dr. Chin-Teh Sun and Dr. Iris L. Sun
Mr. Howard L. Sutherland and Mrs. Mary Alice Sutherland
Dr. Robert L. Swaim and Mrs. Charlene Swaim
Mr. Robert E. Tatro
Dr. Theodore J. Thomas and Mrs. Barbara Jean Thomas
Mr. Paul W. Ullrey
Mr. John F. Unger and Mrs. Shirley L. Unger
Mr. Michael G. VanMeter
Mr. Philip E. Wagner
Mr. Lionel G. Wilson and Mrs. Judith A. Wilson
Mr. Troy K. Wright and Mrs. Diane Marie Wright

$100 – $999

Mr. Matthew H. Ackerman
Dr. Thomas C. Adamson, Jr. and Mrs. Susan Huncilman Adamson
Mr. Robert E. Adel
Mr. Mark A. Amaya
Mr. Paul D. Andrews Jr.
Mr. Steven R. Anthony and Mrs. Sarah E. Anthony
Dr. Neil A. Armstrong and Mrs. Carol Armstrong
Mr. Noel E. Ashbaugh
Mr. Timothy C. Ayer
Mr. Bruce F. Babcock
Ms. Lolitia Beaty Bache
Mr. Norman B. Baffer
Mr. Jerry L. Bailey and Mrs. Linda L. Bailey
Mr. Dennis Keith Baker and Mrs. Sally D. Baker
Mrs. Norma G. Bandelier
Mr. Blake Howard Barkley
Mr. Gary C. Barrett and Mrs. Carmen V. Barrett
Mr. Eric J. Bates
Mr. George A. Baturevich
Mr. Frank H. Bauer and Mrs. Janet L. Bauer
Mr. John L. Baughman and Mrs. Kathy A. Baughman
Mr. Gerald C. Bauknight and Mrs. Catherine McClain Bauknight
Mr. Keith R. Baylor and Mrs. Connie Baylor
Mr. Neil T. Bean and Mrs. Patricia Ann Bean
Mr. Douglas J. Becker
Dr. Paul C. Begeman
Mr. Brian Joseph Benda
Mr. Christopher Joseph Benich
Ms. Trisha R. Beutien
Dr. Thomas J. Beutner and Mrs. Dawn M. Beutner
Dr. Paul M. Bevilaqua and Mrs. Maralyn Joy Bevilaqua
Mr. Charles E. Black III
Mr. Jeffry J. Blank and Mrs. Kathleen G. Blank
Dr. P. Andrew Blatt
Mr. Paul L. Bogdanoff
Dr. Jonathan D. Bohlmann and Mrs. Carolyn E. Bohlmann
Mr. J. Craig Bonk and Mrs. Donna J. Bonk
Mr. Patrick J. Bosler
Mr. David N. Bowditch and Mrs. Jeanne Bowditch
Mr. Steven Henry Braciak
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert L. Brandt
Mr. Roger Lee Branson
Mr. Donald H. Bremer and Dr. Deserie A. Bremer
Dr. Roy Dubard Bridges, Jr. and Mrs. Benita Bridges
Mr. G. Porter Bridwell
Ms. Lisa I. Brilliant
Ms. Margaret K. Broder
Mr. Philip Brower and Mrs. Cheryl Brower
Ms. Elayne M. Brower
Mr. Lionel F. Brown
Mr. Thomas W. Bruce
Mr. Garrett A. Brucker and Mrs. Paula M. Brucker
Mr. Mark E. Brunn and Mrs. Karen A. Brunn
Mr. Kenneth Michael Burg
Mr. David C. Burgess and Mrs. Margaret C. Burgess
Mr. Charles L. Burns and Mrs. Cathy J. Burns
Mr. Michael R. Butcher
Ms. Erin E. Calderwood
Dr. James Vincent Canino and Dr. Janet Canino
Mr. Vincent N. Capasso Jr.
Mr. Steven P. Carey
Mr. Lawrence T. Cargnino and Mrs. Frances E. Cargnino
Mr. Roger E. Carleton
Mr. Richard M. Carroll and Mrs. Sharon M. Carroll
Mr. William D. Carson and Mrs. Judith Carson
Mr. David J. Carter
Mr. R. Joseph Cassady and Mrs. Jann Cassady
Mr. Carl V. Cawood and Mrs. Joyce A. Cawood
Mr. Donald R. Chamberlain
Dr. Yun Chen and Ms. Youchan Yao
Mr. Charles F. Christman Jr.
Mr. Richard Chute
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Wesley Joseph Clark
Mr. Richard Stewart Clark
Mr. David L. Clingman and Mrs. Drusilla Z. Clingman
Mr. Clarkson L. Coffin
Mr. Richard Alan Combs
Mr. Henry E. Conard Jr. and Mrs. Amy Conard
Mr. Edmund J. Conklin
Mr. David C. Coombs and Mrs. Rebekah M Coombs
Mr. Clayton A. Coons and Mrs. Georgiann Coons
Ms. Amy L. Cooprider and Mr. David L. Johnson
Mr. Melvin C. Corbett III
Mr. Joe Cork and Mrs. Jo Ann Cork
Dr. Raymond R. Cosner
Mr. Scott D. Courtney and Mrs. Lois A. Courtney
Mr. William S. Covington and Mrs. Phyllis J. Covington, MT ASCP
Dr. William A. Crossley and Mrs. Susan Crossley
Mr. Claybourne A. Crouch
Mr. Scot A. Dahl
Mr. Lyle Douglas Dailey and Mrs. Laura Jane Dailey
Mr. Laurence de Quay
Lani A. Dickinson
Mr. William Charles Disser and Mrs. Helen Disser
Dr. Steven Lee Donaldson and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Donaldson
Mrs. Gloria C. Doyle
Mr. Timothy J. Doyle
Mr. Christopher C. Dremann and Mrs. Jill J. Dremann
Mr. Daniel S. Dunkin
Mr. Gregory A. Dunn
Dr. Patrick F. Dunn and Mrs. Carol L. Dunn
Mr. Gregory C. Edwards
Mr. Hunter Philip Eggink
Mr. Ronald G. Elkins and Mrs. Carol S. Elkins
Mr. John M. Emerson and Mrs. Beverly S. Emerson
Mr. Douglas B. Engelhardt
Mr. Donald E. Estes
Mr. Howard Evans
Mr. Warren R. Evans
Dr. Larry G. Evans
Dr. Walter Eversman and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Eversman
Mr. E. William Fankhauser and Mrs. Sharon Turner Fankhauser
Mr. William H. Faulkner
Mr. Lee John Favour
Dr. Jon I. Fellers
Mr. Nicholas R. Ferraiolo and Mrs. Laura R. Ferraiolo
Ms. Karen E. Fischer
Mr. Robert J. Flemming Jr. and Mrs. Susan Bertsch Flemming
Mrs. Marilyn I. Force
Mr. David J. Forrest
Dr. Edwin Ewald Forster
Mr. Dudley W. Foster
Dr. John I. Foster III and Mrs. Grace B. Foster
Mr. David E. Freas
Mrs. Elsie A. Freeland
Mr. Douglas B. Frietchen and Mrs. Kelly A. Frietchen
Mr. Jonathan Edward Fromm
Dr. John W. Gallman and Mrs. Judith M. Gallman
Mr. Michael R. Galvas
Dr. Charles A. Gaston and Mrs. Linda A. Gaston
Mr. Matthew D. Gates
Mr. Frederic M. Gates and Mrs. Kathryn A. Gates
Mr. Thomas J. Gaudion and Mrs. Nancy A. Gaudion
Mr. James R. Gault and Mrs. Loma Theiss Gault
Mr. James W. Gearhart and Mrs. Margaret Gearhart
Mr. Robert E. Geralde
Mr. Ralph L. Gilbert and Mrs. Josephine R. Gilbert
Mr. Kevin B. Goeldner and Mrs. Leslie G. Goeldner
Miss Stephanie L. Goerges
Dr. William Goldberg
Dr. Patrick John Golden and Mrs. Lorrie A. Golden
Mr. John B. Gordon and Mrs. Helen A. Gordon
Mr. Curtis L. Gordon
Dr. Carl S. Gran
Ms. Barbara J. Hackman
Mrs. Debra L. Haley and Mr. Patrick E. Haley
Mr. Herman L. Hall
Mrs. Marvine P. Hamner
Mr. Gerald A. Harasty
Mr. Joseph R. Harber
Dr. Jay C. Hardin
Mr. Ernest L. Hartman
Mr. Charles W. Haupt, Jr.
Mr. Norman R. Haynes and Mrs. Susan C. Haynes
Mr. Drew Hays
Mr. Karl H. Hellman
Mr. Joseph P. Hess, Jr. and Mrs. Lisa R. Hess
Ms. Kimberly Chalmers Hicks
Mr. Rikard Eugene Hill and Mrs. Brenda Godier Hill
Mr. John Joseph Hirn
Mr. D. Bruce Hofferth and Mrs. Marianne Hofferth
Mr. Michael J. Holtz and Mrs. Kelly C. Holtz
Mr. Scott M. Horvath
Dr. John A. Horvath
Mr. Richard L. House and Mrs. Eva K. House
Dr. Leslie A. Hromas and Mrs. Roberta J. Hromas
Mr. John S. Hsu and Mrs. Lin-Chia Hsu
Dr. Wen-Liang Huang and Dr. Kaili Yieh
Lt. Gen. John Lester Hudson and Mrs. Marsha S. Hudson
Dr. Michael W. Hyer
Christine Schroeder Iacomini and Mr. Ross G. Iacomini
Mr. David A. Igli
Mr. Alexander Philip Jenkins
Mr. Alan D. Johnson and Mrs. Mary J. Johnson
Mr. Roy A. Johnson and Mrs. Sarah C. Johnson
Mr. David H. Johnson and Mrs. Paulette B. Johnson
Mr. Kirk D. Johnson
Mr. Richard W. Johnson
Mr. Jack Johnston
Mr. Kenneth W. Jonaitis and Mrs. Jane Jonaitis
Mr. William J. Jones
Mr. Ross M. Jones and Mrs. Ana T. Jones
Mr. Thomas A. Kaemming
Mr. James H. Kaufman
Dr. John W. Kelley and Mrs. Bonnie Louise Kelley
Mr. Paul D. Kelly
Mr. David W. Kelpe and Mrs. Marsha L. Kelpe
Dr. C. Paul Kentzer and Mrs. Ellie Kentzer
Mr. Jeffrey A. Kerkay
Mr. Jared M. Kesling
Mr. John P. Kester and Mrs. Dianne K. Kester
Lt. Gen. Timothy A. Kinnan and Mrs. Sue E. Kinnan
Ms. Casey K. Kirchner
Mrs. Diane M. Klassen and Mr. Ray Klassen
Mr. Robert M. Kobee
Mr. John D. Kobza
Cmdr. Neal Douglas Kraft and Mrs. Bernadette Kraft
Mr. Jeffrey A. Kress and Mrs. Christine M Kress
Mrs. Mary M. Kriebel and Mr. David W. Kriebel
Mr. William A. Kuczynski
Mr. John B. Kustura
Mr. James E. LaMarca and Mrs. Mary H. LaMarca
Mr. Mark T. Langhenry and Mrs. Denise M. Langhenry
Mr. Tracy D. Law and Mrs. Meta K. Law
Mr. Robert C. Leckinger
Dr. William Leung Lee
Mr. Charles W. Lee
Mrs. Barbara T. Lee and Mr. Harvey Y. Lee
Mr. C. Richard Lenglade Jr.
Mr. Michael C. Less and Mrs. Joane E. Less
Mr. Oscar A. Levi
Mr. David S. Lewis and Mrs. Caroline S. Lewis
Dr. Frank K. Li
Mr. Mark Scott Lilley
Lt. Col. Patrick Alan Lindauer and Dr. Mary M. Lindauer
Mr. Richard A. Link
Mr. R. Frederick Little Jr. and Mrs. Nancy J. Little
Mr. Dean A. Loomis and Mrs. Susan M. Loomis
Dr. James M. Luckring
Mr. Oscar Y. Lui and Mrs. Louise M. Lui
Mr. Kenneth W. Malecha
Mr. Robert E. Manning and Mrs. Jeanette Roell Manning
Mr. Roy T. Manzoku
Mr. Clayton L. Marr and Mrs. Kathleen A. Marr
Mr. Harold M. Marshall and Mrs. Faye M. Marshall
Mr. Richard A. Mathias and Mrs. Joyce A. Mathias
Mr. Michael J. Mattox
Mr. Terrence J. McClure and Mrs. Jeanette McClure
Mr. Harvey G. McComb Jr.
Dr. Robert W. McCoy and Ms. Lori A. Garner
Mr. Robert J. McElvain
Mrs. Anna-Maria McGowan
Dr. Charles W. McGuirt
Mr. Desco E. McKay, Col. USAF-Ret.
Mr. Douglas Ross McKissack
Mr. Philip M. McKown
Mr. Timothy Paul McLaughlin and Mrs. Linda Hardy McLaughlin
Lt. Col. Gregory J. McNew and Mrs. Rhonda K. McNew
Dr. Pamela A. McVeigh
Mr. Charles F. McVoy III
Mr. Stephen J. Melonides and Mrs. Elaine A. Melonides
Ms. Jeri Lynn Metzger
Mr. Scott E. Meyer and Mrs. Barbara Ann Meyer
Mr. Raymond F. Milberg
Mr. Merlin G. Miller and Mrs. Carlotta Spensley Miller
Mr. Gregory A. Miller and Mrs. Susan W. Miller
Mr. Ralph S. Miller
Mr. William E. Miller
Mr. William B. Miller
Dr. Ronnie K. Miller and Dr. J. Caroline Miller
Mr. Dennis Dale Miner
Mr. Eugene P. Minick and Mrs. Donna Bickel Minick
Mr. Dennis H. Mishler
Dr. Stephen T. Montgomery
Lt. D. David Moore
Dr. Daryl Gene Morrical
Mrs. Elizabeth Maria Morrison
Mrs. Stephanie L. Mousseau and Mr. Douglas J. Mousseau
Dr. J. Michael Murphy and Mrs. Lynne M. Murphy
Mr. Francis V. Mushial
Mr. Harold W. Narigan
Mr. Bradford A. Neal
Mr. Michael A. Neussl and Mrs. Martha M. Neussl
Mr. Roger D. Nichols and Mrs. Cecelia A. Nichols
Dr. Wendell S. Norman and Mrs. Kay Norman
Mr. Stephen A. Northcraft
Mr. Allan M. Norton
Mr. John G. Olsavsky
Mr. Marvin E. Olson and Ms. Berneil F. Olson
Dr. Michael Scott Ondas and Mrs. Susan W. Ondas
Mr. Timothy M. Ortman and Mrs. Nancy J. Ortman
Mr. Tobin C. Ortstadt
Mr. Vernon N. Owara and Mrs. Susan S. Owara
Mr. Stephen W. Pater
Mr. Gerald J. Patrick and Mrs. Gerald J. Patrick
Ms. Erika J. Pearson and Mr. Roger A. Wesley
Mr. Adam Anthony Pender and Mrs. Lorelle E. Pender
Dr. Richard H. Petersen and Mrs. Joandra S. Petersen
Ms. Robin M. Pinson
Dr. J. Edward Pope
Dr. Milton B. Porter and Laura Lynn Porter
Mr. John M. Pouder
Mr. Harry K. Powell
Dr. David H. Quick and Mrs. Phyllis M. Quick
Ms. Jane M. Quirk and Cmdr. (Ret.) Steven B. Barnes
Mr. Joseph C. Ramsey and Mrs. Lois E. Ramsey
Mr. Paul E. Ramsey
Prof. Bruce Alan Reese
Mr. Charles R. Reid
Dr. Robert W. Reid Jr. and Mrs. Helene Reid
Mr. Robert W. Rencenberger
Mr. Warren C. Reynolds and Mrs. Judith F. Reynolds
Mr. Kendall C. Reyzer, Ph.D. and Mrs. Margaret A. Reyzer
Dr. Donald P. Rizzetta
Dr. Stephen A. Rizzi and Mrs. Angela J. Rizzi
Dr. Albert O. Roberts, Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Bichmiller Roberts
Dr. Michael Alan Robinson and Dr. Jennesse Barker Robinson
Mr. Kenneth M. Rock
Mr. Howard C. Rodean
Mr. Robert R. Rodgers Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey E. Rodrian
Mr. Steve P. Rogers and Mrs. Crystal Rogers
Mr. Robert Howard Roth and Ms. Christine A. Blanck
Mr. Burghard H. Ruterbories and Mrs. Kay Ruterbories
Mr. Charles R. Saff and Mrs. Betty Rupp Saff
Mr. Stanley G. Safranski
Mr. John Steven Sakakini
Miss Meredith Ann Saliers
Mr. Robert E. Samsen and Mrs. Joan Samsen
Dr. Mark E. Sand and Mrs. Leslie Ebling Sand
Dr. R. Steven Sawyer and Mrs. Gail L. Sawyer
Mr. Richard H. Sawyer and Mrs. Patricia McNeely Sawyer
Mr. Van Anthony Schaffer
Mr. Bill E. Schneider
Mr. M. Scott Schoenherr
Mr. Carl Robert Schulenburg
Mr. Jamie D. Schultz
Mr. Kenneth W. Schuning
Mr. Michael M. Schura and Mrs. Elizebeth A. Schura
Mrs. Heather N. Schurr and Mr. Jonathan L. Schurr
Mr. J. David Schweikle and Mrs. Karen Schweikle
Mr. James R. Scohy and Mrs. Judith C. Scohy
Mr. Raymond Screnci
Mr. Norman Virgil Scurria Jr.
Mr. C. Tom Seeley and Mrs. Karole S. Seeley
Mr. Jonathan P. Shearer
Mr. J. Dugan Shelby and Mrs. Marci L. Shelby
Mr. Randolph C. Shields and Mrs. Deborah S. Shields
Col. Loren J. Shriver and Mrs. Susan D. Shriver
Mr. Gregory B. Siewiorek
Dr. Craig D. Simcox and Mrs. Molly A. H. Simcox
Mr. Eric H. Sittner and Mrs. Jan Sittner
Dr. James Skridulis
Mr. Thomas M. Smith and Mrs. Mary A. Smith
Mr. John William Smith and Mrs. Suzanne Smith
Mr. Lee T. Smith and Mrs. Janet Smith
Mr. Carl Ivan Soderland and Mrs. Angela C. Soderland
Mr. Brian A. Sorg
Mr. Marlon E. Sorge
Mr. Richard G. Sosnay
Mr. Mark J. Southerland and Mrs. Doris J. Southerland
Mr. Scott F. Spearing
David B. Spencer, Ph.D. and Dr. Carol A. Eidsvoog-Spencer
Dr. George H. Staab and Mrs. Ellen M. Staab
Mr. Paul G. Stover
Mr. Stephen P. Stukel and Mrs. JoAnn C. Stukel
Mr. Daniel G. Suffoletta and Mrs. Kim E. Suffoletta
Dr. Erick O. Swanson
Mr. Daniel C. Swanson
Dr. Chul Jin Syn
Capt. Norbert Edward Szarleta
Mr. Nien-Dak Sze and Mrs. Cecilia S. Sze
Mr. Norman L. Tangedal
Mr. John Lowell Tapee
Mr. Bruce L. Taylor
Ms. Norma F. Taylor
Mrs. Rebecca Lynn Taylor
Dr. Charles E. Taylor and Mrs. Lucile M. Taylor
Mr. Zachary Adam Thicksten
Mr. Merlin E. Thimlar
Dr. John H. Thomas and Mrs. Lois Moffit Thomas
Mr. John W. Thomas
Mr. Lloyd M. Townley
Mr. Mark B. Triplett
Mr. Robert B. Truitt and Mrs. Patricia P. Truitt
Dr. Steven M. Trujillo and Mrs. Erin S. Trujillo
Mr. Frank C. Tse and Mrs. Donna T. Tse
Dr. Kuo-Tung Tseng
Mr. Wayne S. Tygert
Mr. Dale K. Tyler and Mrs. Marcella J. Tyler
Mr. Kenneth E. Uffelman
Mr. James L. Valrance and Mrs. Nancy R. Valrance
Mr. Ronald E. Van Putte
Mr. James D. VandenBrook
Mr. John W. VanderHoven
Dr. Daniel J. Vasicek
Mr. Hector M. Verde
Mr. Dan D. Vicroy
Mr. Phillip A. Waid and Mrs. Judith M. Waid
Mr. Neil R. Walker and Mrs. Debra L. Walker
Mr. Charles D. Walker and Mrs. Susan Flowers Walker
Dr. John T. Wang
Mr. Donald D. Ward
Mr. John N. Wasson and Mrs. Pauline Wasson
Mr. Martin R. Waszak and Mrs. Michelle E. Waszak
Mr. James A. Weil
Mr. Thomas R. Wendel
Mr. Roland H. West and Mrs. Jeanine West
Mr. Richard B. Wetzel
Mr. Gary A. Wheeler
Dr. Sheri N. White
Mr. Jeffrey L. White and Mrs. Tiffany J. White
Mr. Harold W. Wigley and Mrs. Kathryn K. Wigley
Dr. Richard R. Williams
Mr. Jeffrey Paul Williams and Ms. Lynette E. Williams
Mr. Dennis J. Wilson
Mr. Bradley Y. H. Wong
Mr. Bernard F. Wontorek
Dr. Changhai Xu and Ms. Haiya Zou
Ms. Yueping Xu and Dr. Tianqi Wang
Dr. Zhengwen Yang and Ms. Xiaoyu Lu
Mr. Stephen M. Yargosz
Dr. Steven F. Yaros and Mrs. Patricia H. Yaros
Mr. David E. Yates and Mrs. Carol J. Yates
Dr. Steven B. Zakem
Dr. Haitao Zhang and Ms. Yanfeng Xu
Dr. Andrew S. Zheng and Ms. Lizhen Chen
Dr. Changming Zhu and Ms. Juan Li
Mr. Charles O. Ziemer

$1 – $99

Mr. William L. Ahls
Mr. Carl Lee Allen
Mr. Bruce A. Allen
Mr. Allen E. Alman
Col. Robert L. Alter and Mrs. Martha Alter
Mr. Daniel J. Atkinson and Penny J. Atkinson RD, CDE
Col. L. Dale Autry
Mr. Phillip J. Baggett
Mr. Thomas J. Bander
Mr. Frank Barfod and Mrs. Bobette
Ms. Helene Parker Barrington
Mr. Max R. Barron
Mr. Matthew P. Basiletti
Mr. Kevin G. Beasley
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Becker
Mr. Timothy J. Beecroft
Dr. Merlin G. Bell and Mrs. Glenda Bell
Mr. Scott William Benson
Dr. Dale T. Berry and Mrs. Maureen N. Berry
Mr. Kenneth E. Beyer
Dr. Daniel J. Biezad
William Boyd Bigler, II, PMP
Mr. Stanley E. Bissey
Dr. Maxwell Blair
Mr. D. Jack Blakeslee
Dr. Joseph W. Blum and Mrs. Martha J. Blum
Mr. William R. Bolles II
Mr. Bradley D. Bolster
Mr. Andrew C. Boner and Mrs. Lennette M. Boner
Mr. Mark E. Booher
Dr. Thomas C. Booth and Mrs. Frances L. Booth
Mr. Constantinos Bouras
Mr. Douglas L. Bowers and Mrs. Jill E. Bowers
Mr. Albert V. Bratt, Jr.
Mr. Gordon D. Bredvik
Mr. Kurtis Beamer Breiling
Mr. Harry H. Bristol Jr.
Mr. Paul M. Brower
Ms. Caley A. Burke
Mr. Robert M. Byrne and Mrs. Dolores A. Byrne
Florine Klatt Cain
Mr. Scott D. Campbell
Dr. James O. Cappellari Jr. and Mrs. Martha Little Cappellari
Mr. Timothy M. Carnahan and Ms. Carol Lynn Barranger
Mr. John R. Carroll and Mrs. Barbara J. Carroll
Mr. F. William Cazier Jr. and Mrs. Penelope Cazier
Mr. Richard A. Chapel and Mrs. Joan M. Chapel
Dr. Frederick D. Chichester and Dr. Patricia Chichester
Dr. Carl S. Christensen and Mrs. Irene Christensen
Miss Jennifer A. Christopher
Mr. John P. Ciambrone
Mr. Albert L. Cleaver and Mrs. Phyllis J. Cleaver
Mr. Craig Bedell Clokey
Mr. Nicholas J. Clones
Mr. Roger E. Cole
Mr. Paul T. Connolly
Lt. Col. Peter Jude Conte
Mr. John William Cooley
Mr. Michael W. Corbett
Mr. William G. Cowdin
Mr. Jack Cecil Cox
Mr. Steven C. Crago and Mrs. Louise E. Crago
Mr. Robert Joseph Cronin
Mr. William T. Curdts III
Mr. Kevin R. Dahya
Ms. Rebecca M. Dale
Mr. C. Bruce Daugherty and Mrs. Marlys Marie Daugherty
Mr. Donald Carl Davidson Jr
Dr. A. Roger Davidson Jr. and Mrs. Louisa Davidson
Mr. Gregg E. Davis and Ms. Shawnda K. Townsend
Ms. Jordan L. De Namur-Paul
Mr. Brandon S. Denzer
Mr. Daniel Thomas DesForges
Mr. James Henry DeWeese
Dr. Mark Nathaniel Director
Mr. Maurice R. Dora and Mrs. Patricia Dora
Mr. David M. Downing
Richard O. Dudley
Mr. James A. Eastwood and Mrs. Rae Ann Eastwood
Dr. Charlene Edinboro
Mr. Jonathan M. Edwards
Mr. T. Richard Eiler Jr. and Mrs. Lois Eiler
Mr. LaVerne G. Eklund and Mrs. Phyllis K. Eklund
Mr. Gregory H. Evans
Mr. John M. Everett and Mrs. Elsie F. Everett
Mr. Glenn G. Farris and Mrs. Maureen Gallagher Farris
Dr. Marty A. Ferman
Mr. Bruce H. Fetz and Mrs. Carol Fetz
Mr. Jeffrey Phillip Fisher and Mrs. Brenda DeVries Fisher
Mr. Wendell A. Fleener
Mrs. Suzanne Y. Flynn
Col. (Ret.) Robert C. Forbes, Jr. and Mrs. Patti Forbes
Mr. Dale C. Ford
Dr. Robert A. Frederick Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Frederick
Mr. William C. Frick
Mr. Donald C. Fritz
Dr. Kurt R. Galle and Mrs. Virginia M. Galle
Mr. Kenneth Charles Gamble and Mrs. Joanne Gamble
Mr. Rick Alan Gamble and Mrs. Bonnie Kunes Gamble
Ms. Jummie Emilyn Garba
Mr. Joseph R. Garrahan
Mr. Carl Gebert and Mrs. Karen Jones Gebert
Ms. Anne M. Godfrey
Mr. Andrew D. Graham
Mr. Michael James Grant
Mr. Stanley J. Green and Mrs. Nancy R. Green
Dr. Alan M. Greenburg and Mrs. Patsy S. Greenburg
Mr. James D. Gridley
Mr. Larry E. Gruber and Mrs. Helen M. Gruber
Mr. James J. Gyolai
Mr. Stephen L. Hahn
Dr. William E. Halal
Mr. Philip Godfey Hall
Ms. Michelle Ham
Dr. Chenghua Han
Mr. Richard M. Harrington
Mr. Walter H. Harrison
Mr. John M. Healy
Mr. William J. Helms
Mrs. Rebecca J. Herr and Mr. Daniel J. Herr
Mr. Richard K. Higdon
Richard E. Hildebrand Jr. and Mrs. Rita L. Hildebrand
Mr. John C. Hindmarch and Mrs. Isabel B. Hindmarch
Mr. George Steve Hirko, Jr.
Mr. Douglas A. Hodges
Col. Richard Edward Hoeferkamp
Mr. Robert A. Hollimon
Mr. Richard K. Hooper
Mr. Clayton A. Huben
Dr. Ronald R. Huffman and Mrs. Alice A. Huffman
Dr. David G. Hull
Mr. John R. Hunter and Mrs. Albina Hunter
Mr. Clarence E. Irion Jr.
Mr. Fred W. Isaacs and Mrs. Vickie L. Isaacs
Mr. David W. Jackson and Mrs. Edith M. Jackson
Mr. William M. Jacqmein
Dr. Robert N. James and Mrs. Cynthia R. James
Mr. Duane P. Johnson and Mrs. Sandra E. Johnson
Mr. Jim J. Jones
Mr. Alan S. Jones and Mrs. Patricia M. Jones
Mr. Richard H. Jordan and Mrs. Joan R. Jordan
Mr. Donald N. Kamis
Mr. Ronald E. Karleen
Mr. Hans K. Karrenberg and Mrs. Jo Ann Karrenberg
Mr. Raymond H. Kartasuk
Mr. Henry J. Kaszynski and Mrs. Mary H. Kaszynski
Dr. Rama M. Katari
Mr. Elliott D. Keen and Mrs. Dalia Keen
Mr. Larry L. Keiffer
Mr. Larry G. Kellogg
Dr. Mark H. Kempski and Mrs. Maureen C. Kempski
Mr. H. Robert Kietzman Jr.
Mr. Allen D. Kirk
Dr. Robert D. Kissinger
Mr. Gordon P. Kistler
Mr. William K. Klint
Dr. John C. Klug
Mr. Jerald L. Klutzke
Mr. Robert R. Knepper and Mrs. Dorothy H. Knepper
Prof. Eldon L. Knuth
Mr. David M. Kraus Jr.
Mr. Fredrick E. Kraus
Mr. Donald G. Krueger
Mr. James F. Kucaba and Mrs. Mary G. Kucaba
Mr. Thomas R. Lacey
Mr. Larry L. Lakamp
Mr. George G. Lang
Mr. John L. Larrison and Mrs. Shirley A. Larrison
Mr. Ronald J. Lash and Mrs. Marilyn Roth Lash
Ms. A. Georgene Laub
Mr. Michael J. Laughlin and Mrs. Rueann Laughlin
Mr. Seung Min Lee
Mr. Daniel R. Leininger and Mrs. Jenilee S. Leininger
Mr. Thomas H. Lindsey and Mrs. Patricia K. Lindsey
Ms. Angela Lynn Long
Mr. James E. Long and Mrs. Diane R. Long
Mr. Robert A. Longstreet and Mrs. Jane Longstreet
Mr. Richard L. Longwell
Mr. Larry N. Lydick
Mr. Lindley J. Lynch
Mr. Michael G. Maguire
Mr. David M. Malaspina
Dr. Kun-Ming Mao
Mr. Philip R. Marshall
Mrs. Stacey R. McCarthy and Dr. James E. McCarthy Jr.
Mr. D. Scott McConnell and Mrs. Marilyn A. McConnell
Mr. Sherrill R. McDonald
Mrs. Samantha M. McGuire
Mr. James A. McLean
Mrs. Carolyn E. L. Meiss and Mr. Alan R. Meiss
Mr. Joseph E. Mihelic
Mr. Dwane G. Mikelson and Mrs. Joan Mikelson
Mr. Kenneth L. Miller and Mrs. Donna M. Miller
Mr. Marvin E. Miller and Mrs. Ardath L. Miller
Mrs. Jennifer Elizabeth Miller and Mr. Matthew C. Miller
Mr. Lawrence D. Mills and Mrs. Susan K. Mills
Mr. Lawrence C. Mitchell Jr. and Mrs. Anne M. Mitchell
Mr. David S. Moebs and Mrs. Betty Ann Moebs
Mr. Richard L. Moll
Mr. Floyd E. Moreland
Dr. Scott R. Morris
Mr. Ronald W. Morrison
Mr. Charles H. Muller Jr.
Mr. Wallace E. Nelson Jr.
Mr. Erik L. Nelson and Mrs. Rui Ji
Mr. Stephen R. Norris and Mrs. Shelly Lea Norris
Cmdr. Ronald J. Oard, II
Mr. Robert G. Oeding and Mrs. Maureen M. Oeding
Mr. Jack T. Olson
Ms. M. Lynn Osborn and Mr. William B. Asher
Mr. Edward J. O'Shaughnessy and Mrs. Gina O'Shaughnessy
Mr. Robert M. Overdeer
Dr. Brandon Dewain Owens
Mr. Brian W. Patneau
Mr. Nathan E. Payne
Prof. Henry John Pernicka and Mrs. Becky J. Pernicka
Mr. William Lee Peters
Mr. Larry L. Phillips and Mrs. Helen P. Phillips
Mr. Wayne L. Pierson
Mr. David F. Pinella and Mrs. Vicki Polance Pinella
Mrs. R. Heather Planey and Mr. Michael C. Planey
Mr. Leonard Paul Pohlar and Mrs. Diane Pohlar
Mr. Brian B. Polasek
Mr. Vince Aaron Price
Mr. Robert E. Pritchard
Mr. Jeffrey S. Pullins
Mr. Ronald B. Raab
Mr. Jon S. Readnour and Mrs. Cynthia F. Readnour
Mr. Philip B. Reed and Mrs. Janet Willman Reed
Mr. Arthur Richter
Mr. David E. Ringler
Mr. Donald H. Rogers Jr. and Mrs. Kelly A. Rogers
Mr. Brent Ellison Roth
Mrs. Lisa Ann Roth
Mr. John R. Rumple Jr.
Mr. Robert L. Rutkowski
Mr. Karl W. Saal Jr. and Mrs. Kathryn Ella Saal
Mr. V. James Sallee
Ms. Amy Lucas Salley
Dr. Richard Kent Scharnhorst
Mr. William J. Schatz II and Mrs. Mary Kenady Schatz
Mr. David W. Scheessele and Mrs. Susan M. Scheessele
Mr. Mark O. Schlegel
Mr. Christopher A. Schreiner
Dr. Ronald L. Schwiesow and Ms. Nancy Olson Schwiesow
Mr. Rodney K. M. Seto and Mrs. Linda L. Seto
Mr. Robert L. Shanley III
Mr. Jeffrey D. Shultz and Mrs. Sarah P. Shultz
Mr. James E. Shultz
Mr. John E. Shuter
Mr. Dean J. Shutt
Mr. David W. Simon
Mr. David L. Sims
Dr. James C. Sisco and Mrs. Tauna Starbuck Sisco
Mr. Charles A. Skira
Mrs. M. Elizabeth Slimak and Mr. L. Kevin Slimak
Mr. David E. Slosson and Mrs. Vivian L. Slosson
Mr. David B. Smith and Mrs. Dianne J. Smith
Mr. Thomas R. Smith and Mrs. Victoria R. Smith
Mr. Jeffrey T. Smith
Mr. J. Richard Smith and Mrs. Kathleen D. Smith
Mr. Stephen K. Smith and Mrs. Emma Lou Tobin Smith
Mr. Robert N. Smith and Mrs. Carolyn C. Smith
Mr. Mark J. Snaufer
Mr. O. Thomas Stafford Jr.
Mr. Jay W. Stanwood and Mrs. Lorraine O. Stanwood
Mr. Donald G. Strazzabosco
Mr. Jon A. Study
Mr. Ronald J. Swartz
Mr. Edward J. Szwabowski
Mr. Ralph Tate Jr.
Mr. Jordan A. Taylor and Mrs. Lindsay Steirer Taylor
Mr. Robert J. Thomas
Mr. Mark J. Thomas and Mrs. Donna L. Thomas
Mr. George E. Thompson
Mrs. Jennifer M. Thompson
Mr. Marshall A. Tobias and Mrs. Sandra J. Tobias
Dr. Russell J. Tonkin and Mrs. Elizabeth Tonkin
Mrs. Marilyn Treon
Mr. Joseph C. Tyler and Mrs. Barbara Tyler
Mr. James R. Vail and Mrs. Ellen E. Vail
Mr. Michael R. VandenBoom
Dr. Wallace E. VanderVelde and Mrs. Winifred VanderVelde
Mr. John E. Vinson
Dr. Michael Visich and Mrs. Karen M. Visich
Mr. Larry R. Walter
Mr. C. Thomas Weaver
Mr. Thomas P. Webb
Mr. Jack G. Weber
Mr. Donald S. Webster and Mrs. J. Karen Webster
Mr. Wilbert C. Weichbrodt
Mr. Lewis S. Weiland
Mr. Robert L. Whitlock
Mr. John O. Wiese
Mr. Arthur B. Wiggins and Mrs. Arden P. Wiggins
Mr. Thomas J. Willett
Mr. Kevin David Williams
Mr. Robert Z. Williamson
Mr. Stephen M. Wise and Mrs. Barbara D. Wise
Mr. Gregory E. Wood
Mr. L. Craig Woodhouse
Mr. Kenneth F. Wright and Mrs. Donna Jackson Wright
Mr. Richard M. Young
Mr. Jerry B. Zutavern