Purdue University
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Video and Image Processing Program

EE637 Digital Image Processing I
Course Notes


Continuous Parameter Signals and Systems
Continuous Time Fourier Transform
Continuous Space Fourier Transform
Rep and Comb relationships
Rep and Comb Examples

Application of Continuous Space Systems
Imaging Systems
Tomographic Reconstruction
Radon Transform Matlab Demo and results
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

C Programming
C programming style
ANSI C Compilation

Discrete Parameter Signals and Systems
Discrete Transforms
Sampling and Scanning
2-D Filters
2-D Random Processes
Filtered Random Processes
Eigen-signal Analysis and Examples

Supplimentary material
Proof of Wiener-Khintchine Theorem

Image Topology and Segmentation
2-D Neighborhoods and Edge Detection
Second Derivative Edge Detectors
Connected Components
Segmentation and Region Merging

Image Perception, Representation, and Color
Color constancy illusions
A really cool example of the cultural invariance of color

Visual Perception, Contrast, Gamma, and MTF
The Tristimulus Model of Color
Color Standards, Spaces, and Transforms
Opponent Models of Color
Fidelity Metrics for Color Images
Some Plots and Diagrams

Matlab Programs for Computing Fidelity Metrics:
YCxCz-metrics Package

Supplimentary handouts:
Supplimentary handout on gamma correction
Handout on monitor callibration
Color spaces for images

Resolution Conversion
Interpolation and Decimation

Enhancement and Filtering
Optimum Linear Filtering
Nonlinear Filtering
Bilateral Filters

Quantization and Halftoning
Digital Halftoning

Image Coding
Source Coding
Source Coding Scanned notes
Guest Lecture by Prof. Luis Torres on Analog TV
Guest Lecture by Prof. Luis Torres on Digital Image Coding