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Through opportunities in high school physics and chemistry, I discovered an interest in nuclear power, specifically, radioactive waste and the residual energy that goes unused. I started to piece together different ideas for nuclear batteries that would take full advantage of such an energy-dense resource, but I never went beyond conceptualization until my junior year of undergrad.

By that time, I had access to professors and resources that encouraged my pursuits and so my roommates and I started the company Atlas Energy Systems, LLC and entered into Purdue University’s Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition. After winning second place, we used the prize money to begin tinkering and Purdue Nuclear Engineering graciously let us use lab space and materials to begin formal research.

I have since then completed my undergraduate degree in Materials Science Engineering and am currently researching different concepts of nuclear batteries as a Nuclear Engineering graduate student under the advisorship of Professor Robert Bean. My goal is to research and design novel radioisotope batteries and create a broader understanding of how radioactive resources can be used to their full potential.

With unparalleled access to resources, facilities, and personnel, I know I can only achieve this goal through the Purdue University Nuclear Engineering program.

~ Graduate Student Ian Hamilton