Direct Ph.D. Program

The Direct Ph.D. Program is available for students with outstanding academic records. This program enables students entering with a bachelor's degree to obtain the Ph.D degree without investing time in preparing a formal master's degree thesis or project report. It also allows greater flexibility in course selection and research planning. The following steps are required for admission to this program:

  • Pass the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam
  • Petition to enter the Direct Ph.D. Program by the student to the Graduate Committee with accompanying recommendation from the student's advisor.
  • Review by Graduate Committee (based on performance in the qualifying examination, academic record, and the recommendation from the student's advisor)
  • Formal notification to the student

To receive a master's degree in the Direct Ph.D. Program, students must adhere to all of the procedures and requirements set forth by the Graduate School. The master's degree will be conferred to students in this program upon successful completion of the Ph.D. preliminary examination and submission of an acceptable master's plan of study. The master's plan of study must be submitted in the semester prior to preliminary examination in order to receive the degree at the end of that semester. This master's program is considered to be a non-thesis option.