Penguin Cube House

Lower Age: 3
Upper Age: 7
Price: $24.99
Year Added: 2021
Penguin Cube Model and Contents
Penguin Cube House, by Magformers, is a magnetic building kit intended for children 3+. Item may be purchased from product website.

This kit includes 20 magnetic pieces, including triangle pieces, window pieces, and square magnetic pieces, as well as a cute penguin character and accessories for them. This kit is compatible with all other Magformers sets, making it a fantastic first Magformers set or add-on to existing Magformers sets. Magformers is an excellent building kit with magnetic pieces that snap together, allowing the user to build different structures, both up and out. The Penguin House Set follows the same mechanics as all other Magformers kits, encouraging users to build houses for the penguin character. The Penguin House Set also includes snap-in floor and window pieces that give the typical Magformers pieces significant personality. 

The kit does a great job of encouraging users to build stable structures using the provided magnetic pieces. However, the 20 pieces in this kit rather limit the size and complexity of what can be built. Therefore, this kit would be best given as an accessory kit to complement other Magformers sets. Nonetheless, it still does a great job of encouraging users to build using their imaginations rather than simply following guides. In addition, the pieces themselves are incredibly versatile and allow for the creation of a myriad of designs. 

The kit also does a great job of introducing iterative design. Users will often have to amend their designs to make them stay together or make them sturdy. This facet of the kit allows children to participate in the iterative design process, identifying issues with their designs and improving upon them. Additionally, this kit does an excellent job of teaching spatial reasoning. Finally, this job is good at teaching perseverance, as often designs do not work correctly on the first build. By playing with the Magformers Penguin Cube House set, children will develop more robust spatial reasoning and perseverance skills and practice iterative design. 

Framework Categories

Processes of Design (POD)
Engineering Thinking (EThink)

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