Abby Invents the Foldibot Abby Invents the Foldibot

Ages: 4 - 9

Abby and her brother Miko set out on their quest to create a folding machine to help their mother with the laundry. Book (Signed!) can be purchased on the author's website.

Catapult Shooters Catapult Shooters

Ages: 3 - 99

Catapult Shooters by Butterfly Edufields is a hands-on design challenge for ages 3+ that requires the user to build their own catapult toy.

Future Engineer Future Engineer

Ages: 0 - 3

For infants and toddlers, this book is a wonderful introduction to the concepts of engineers and engineering for an inquisitive child that has a whole life ahead of them to explore their interests.

Snap Circuits Code Journey Snap Circuits Code Journey

Ages: 8 - 108

Snap Circuits Code Journey, by Elenco, is an engaging programmable rover that provides an applicable, real-world example of coding to younger users that strengthens their computational thinking skills, spatial reasoning skills, and concepts of iterative design.

3D Arranging Game Varius 3D Arranging Game Varius

Ages: 3 - 8

3D Arranging Game Varius, by Haba USA, is a colorful, sturdy building block kit designed for children three and up. Item may be purchased from product website.

Four by Four Wooden Building Blocks Four by Four Wooden Building Blocks

Ages: 3 - 99

Four by Four Wooden Building Blocks, by Haba, is a 2D or 3D design building game for ages 3+ that includes 16 wooden blocks in 4 different sizes and 3 different shapes that can be stacked in various conformations to create structures either from the manual or from the user's imagination.