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Our People


Sean Brophy
Director of Student Learning
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Adaptive expertise; Reasoning with mathematics and models; Conceptual change using simulations; Technology supported learning environments; Designing assessment for learning
(765) 496-3316
ARMS 1217
Monica Cardella
Director of Informal Learning Research
Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Characterization of mathematical thinking practices; Responses to ambiguity and uncertainty, and overall design behavior of undergraduate engineering students, practicing engineers, and young children; Investigation of parents' role in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade engineering education
(765) 496-1206
WANG 4543
Morgan Hynes
Deputy Director of INSPIRE
Director of Broadening Participation Research
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering; Humanistic Engineering; Pre-college Engineering Education; Engineering Design
Muhsin Menekse
Director of Student Engagement Research
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education & Curriculum and Instruction
Research: Students' conceptual understanding in engineering and science; Verbal interactions that can enhance productive discussions in collaborative learning settings; Metacognition and its implications for learning; Technology enhanced learning environments.
Tamara Moore
Executive Director of INSPIRE
Director of STEM Integration Research
Professor, Engineering Education
Research: How engineering and engineering thinking promote learning in K-12 mathematics and science classrooms, as well as in higher-education engineering classrooms, through the paradigm of STEM integration. Support STEM integration pedagogies through curriculum development and teacher professional development. Mathematical modeling as a means for STEM integration.
Senay Purzer
Director of Assessment Research
Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Design education and assessment at the intersection of critical thinking and creative thinking.
(765) 496-1684
Wang 4545

Affiliate Faculty

Jennifer Deboer
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: International engineering education; Education and economic development; Educational technology; Online learning; Quantitative research methods
(765) 496-0195
Kerrie Douglas
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Evaluation of open online engineering courses; Rationale and evidence to justify assessment uses; Fair assessment of minority groups in engineering; Assessment as means of learning in engineering design contexts
(765) 494-6932
Allison Godwin
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Identity development of diverse engineers; Characterizing latent diversity (features of diversity outside of visible markers like students' underlying attitudes and mindsets); Student interactions with peers in diverse teams; How students at the intersections of multiple social identities (e.g., race, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.) experience engineering culture and navigate their identities as engineers; How non-cognitive factors (e.g., motivation, identity, etc.) impact student success; Mixed methods research
Siddika Guzey
Associate Prof Curriculum & Instruction/Biological Sciences
Research: integrated STEM education and technology integration in biology teaching and learning
Anne T. Ottenbreit-Leftwich
Barbara B. Jacobs Chair in Education and Technology
Associate Professor in Instructional Systems Technology
Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science
Research:Computational thinking K-12; Computer science education K-12; K-12 broadening participation in computing; Teacher education; Inservice teacher professional development; Teacher knowledge, beliefs, and disposition
Kristina Tank
Associate Professor, Science Education, Iowa State University
Research: science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, elementary education, integration of STEM and literacy

Graduate Students

Chanel Beebe
Ford Foundation Fellowship
Tikyna Dandridge
Graduate Research Assistant
Ruben Lopez
Graduate Teaching Assista
Hillary Merzdorf
Graduate Research Assistant


Andrew Lake
Undergraduate Research Assistant