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Our People


Sean Brophy
Director of Student Learning
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Adaptive expertise; Reasoning with mathematics and models; Conceptual change using simulations; Technology supported learning environments; Designing assessment for learning
Monica Cardella
Director of Informal Learning Research
Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Characterization of mathematical thinking practices; Responses to ambiguity and uncertainty, and overall design behavior of undergraduate engineering students, practicing engineers, and young children; Investigation of parents' role in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade engineering education
Morgan Hynes
Deputy Director of INSPIRE
Director of Broadening Participation Research
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering; Humanistic Engineering; Pre-college Engineering Education; Engineering Design
Muhsin Menekse
Director of Student Engagement Research
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education & Curriculum and Instruction
Research: Students' conceptual understanding in engineering and science; Verbal interactions that can enhance productive discussions in collaborative learning settings; Metacognition and its implications for learning; Technology enhanced learning environments.
Tamara Moore
Executive Director of INSPIRE
Director of STEM Integration Research
Professor, Engineering Education
Research: How engineering and engineering thinking promote learning in K-12 mathematics and science classrooms, as well as in higher-education engineering classrooms, through the paradigm of STEM integration. Support STEM integration pedagogies through curriculum development and teacher professional development. Mathematical modeling as a means for STEM integration.
Senay Purzer
Director of Assessment Research
Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Design education and assessment at the intersection of critical thinking and creative thinking.

Affiliate Faculty

Jennifer Deboer
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: International engineering education; Education and economic development; Educational technology; Online learning; Quantitative research methods
Kerrie Douglas
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Evaluation of open online engineering courses; Rationale and evidence to justify assessment uses; Fair assessment of minority groups in engineering; Assessment as means of learning in engineering design contexts
Allison Godwin
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Identity development of diverse engineers; Characterizing latent diversity (features of diversity outside of visible markers like students' underlying attitudes and mindsets); Student interactions with peers in diverse teams; How students at the intersections of multiple social identities (e.g., race, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.) experience engineering culture and navigate their identities as engineers; How non-cognitive factors (e.g., motivation, identity, etc.) impact student success; Mixed methods research
Siddika Guzey
Associate Prof Curriculum & Instruction/Biological Sciences
Research: integrated STEM education and technology integration in biology teaching and learning
Anne T. Ottenbreit-Leftwich
Barbara B. Jacobs Chair in Education and Technology
Associate Professor in Instructional Systems Technology
Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science
Research:Computational thinking K-12; Computer science education K-12; K-12 broadening participation in computing; Teacher education; Inservice teacher professional development; Teacher knowledge, beliefs, and disposition
Kristina Tank
Associate Professor, Science Education, Iowa State University
Research: science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, elementary education, integration of STEM and literacy

Graduate Students

Chanel Beebe
Student Grader - Psc
Tikyna Dandridge
Graduate Research Assistant
Ruben Lopez
Graduate Teaching Assista
Hillary Merzdorf
Graduate Research Assistant


Andrew Lake
Undergraduate Research Assistant