Cognition and Decision Making

Exploring Human Factors

  • Human Factors Engineering; Distributed Human Supervisory Control; Team Coordination and Performance Using Information Technology (Barrett Caldwell)
  • Neurotrama; Assistive Technology/Rehabilitation Engineering Physiological Control (Brad Duerstock)
  • Digital Human Modeling; Safety Engineering; Work Methods and Measurement; Ergonomics (Vincent Duffy)
  • Complex Systems; Graph Theory and Network Science; Information Theory; Neuroimagining and Brain Connectomics (Joaquín Goñi)
  • Health Outcomes; Program Evaluation in Health Services research for Older Adults (Zachary Hass)
  • Decision-Making under Uncertainty; Decision Support Systems; Climate Change Adaptation; Risk Assessment and Communication; Multi-Criterion Decision Analysis; Heuristic Optimization (David Johnson)
  • Human Factors; Technical Assistance Program (TAP); Safety Engineering; Hazard Communication and Decision Support Systems (Mark Lehto)
  • Cognitive ergonomics; Human-automation interaction; Multimodal/multisensory information processing; Adaptive displays; Aging and technology (Brandon Pitts)
  • Engineering Psychology; Human-Machine Compatibility; Transfer of Training; Human Aspects of Information Security (Robert Proctor)
  • Driver Trust and Acceptance of Vehicle Automation; Occupational Driver Safety; Human-robot Interaction; Machine Learning (Md Mahmudur Rahman)
  • Quantifying Intraoperative Workload; Developing Patient Factors Based Workload Models; Medical Device Design and Usability Testing; Integrating Wearable Sensor Devices to Develop Intelligent Health Systems (Denny Yu)