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Martinez teaches gifted elementary students

Photo of Ramses Martinez teaching elementary students
Prof. Ramses Martinez demonstrates spherical rolling robot on June 12
Photo of Ramses Martinez teaching elementary students
Martinez explains wireless power transfer module to GERI students
High-ability children think big thoughts! Ramses Martinez, assistant professor of industrial engineering and biomedical engineering, used a spherical rolling robot and wireless power transfer module to teach elementary students during Purdue’s Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) Super Summer.

Martinez's FlexiLab research group is working on creating new autonomous robots that do not need any power cord to recharge. Their internal batteries are charged wirelessly, using a process called "wireless power transfer".

"Teaching students how magnetic fields can be used to transmit power through the air helps them envision a future where all our electronics will be recharged, even while we keep them in our pockets," said Martinez.

Previously, several of Martinez's graduate students helped with GERI outreach activities, and this summer GERI asked Martinez to teach during its interdisciplinary camp.

Super Summer offers challenging interdisciplinary courses for gifted youth on topics ranging from engineering, math, science, social  studies, art, and language arts. Students enjoy hands-on activities which require critical and creative thinking. Martinez's and FlexiLab's involvement is an important contribution to these engagement efforts.