Capstone Projects

Photo of 1st place Team Buchanan (Dec. 2018)What is a Capstone Project?

A senior design Capstone Project can offer significant benefits to corporate partners. Improvement in manufacturing processes, increased efficiencies and waste reduction are excellent candidate areas for projects. Past projects have helped many large and small companies, including Caterpillar, United Parcel Service, IU Health, Lowe’s, Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Intel, General Motors and many non-profit companies like Goodwill Industries. Benefits to companies that sponsor a senior project include:

  • 500 hours of student work on a specific problem: Students spend a full semester working on the project mentored by a graduate student and professor.
  • Gaining technical tools: Student teams combine a diverse range of skills, experience, and imagination to provide effective models, methods, and solutions to help the sponsor.
  • Real-time, practical solutions: The course is structured such that students provide realistic and timely answers to the sponsor’s problems. Face-to-face meetings are the norm; however, state-of-the-art media interfacing technologies are also available for conference calls if necessary.
  • Potential student recruitment: Projects provide an opportunity for the client to work with some of the best IE students preparing to enter the workforce.

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Photo of 1st place 2018 Team United Bulk Terminal             Photo of 2nd place 2018 Wabash National