Joint Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and Master's in Business Degree Program (BSIE/MBA)

Interested in industrial engineering and think you might want to pursue a master's degree as well? You can do both concurrently in Purdue's joint BSIE/MBA Program. The program is the result of a collaboration between Purdue University's College of Engineering and the Krannert School of Management and allows highly qualified industrial engineering students to work toward the completion of the MBA and baccalaureate program concurrently over the course of five years.

The eligibility requirements are:
  • Minimum 3.7 GPA (3.5 GPA with strong leadership and internship experience will be considered)
  • Ability to accelerate engineering curriculum by one semester via advanced placement credit or summer coursework
  • Completion of at least one summer internship prior to MBA coursework
  • Completion of 110 credit hours of coursework by the end of their junior year, including the required major courses identified in their plan of study

For more information please visit: Krannert School of Management Combined Degree Programs.