Engineering Term Abroad at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Students may choose to spend a spring semester studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. This experience has been designed for any IE student in good academic standing (additional restrictions may apply – see the Purdue Study Abroad page for this experience for more information). There is no language requirement – all courses available are administered in English to participate in the semester exchange.

This program is partially combined with Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. Students travel in a cohort to China, and the experience is coordinated as two parts. The first part includes the a course in intercultural teamwork, as well as Chinese (Mandarin) language training. The second part is the engineering coursework at SJTU-Main Campus.

It is strongly recommended for students interested in this program to register for ENGR 29701 – Global Engineering Orientation (1 cr.) in the Fall semester prior to studying abroad. The ENGR 29701 course prepares students in a variety of ways (cultural training, some language training, applications for visa, etc.), which can substantially reduce the burden and stress of preparing to study abroad.

Sixth Semester (at SJTU)

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours Requisites
IE 33600 Operations Research – Stochastic Models 3 IE 23000; MA 26500; MA 26600 (co-requisite)
TBD (IE 37000, likely) 3  
ME 20000 Thermodynamics I 3 CHM 11500, MA 26100 (co-requisite), ENGR 13200 (co-requisite)
ME 49700 Intercultural Teamwork 3  
TE   3  

Sample Degree Map for Semester Exchange at SJTU

Technical Elective Courses: (each are 3 cr., and listed as IE 49000 on the Purdue transcript)

BU 354: Quality Management
ME 345: Materials Science

How to apply:

  • Meet with an IE academic advisor to discuss your plan of study to determine if this opportunity will work for you.
  • Register for the appropriate study abroad program for Shanghai Jiao Tong University and complete any required documents necessary for enrollment and travel.