Semester Exchange at KTH – Swedish Royal Institute of Technology

Students may choose to spend a spring semester studying at KTH – Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. This experience has been designed for any IE student in good academic standing (additional restrictions may apply – see the Purdue Study Abroad page for this experience for more information). There is no language requirement (all courses available are administered in English) to participate in the semester exchange.

This opportunity would be of interest to any student interested in emphasizing design and entrepreneurship and/or production systems.

Sixth Semester (at KTH)

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours Requisites
IE TE IE 53000/59000 3  
TE IE 49000/59000 3  
TE IE 49000/59000 3  
TE IE 49000/59000 3  

Students would select a plan of study that fulfills 12 cr. of coursework. The proposed plan requires that students can plan for, or have significant elective space available in their plan of study.

Available Courses: (each is 3 cr. and will be listed as IE 49000 or 59000 credits on the Purdue transcript)

Business Model Innovation (IE 49000 – Business Model Innovation)
Design Thinking (IE 49000 – Design Thinking)
Energy Business (IE 59000 – Energy Business Systems)
Industrial Process Engineering (IE 59000 – Manufacturing Engineering and Automation)
Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (IE 49000 – Purchasing & Supply Chain Management)
Integrated Product Development (IE 49000 – Integrated Product Development)
Quality Control (IE 53000 – Quality Control)

Note: this is not a complete list of courses. Each year, the IE UG Office will coordinate with the PoliMi representative to identify a complete list. However, the above list of courses are those that are regularly offered during the spring semester.

How to apply:

  • Meet with an IE academic advisor to discuss your plan of study to determine if this opportunity will work for you.
  • Register for the appropriate study abroad program for "KTH – Swedish Royal Institute of Technology" and complete any required documents necessary for enrollment and travel.