Semester Exchange at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Information on Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

It is strongly recommended for students interested in this program to register for ENGR 29701 – Global Engineering Orientation (1 cr.) in the Fall semester prior to studying abroad. The ENGR 29701 course prepares students in a variety of ways (cultural training, some language training, applications for visa, etc.), which can substantially reduce the burden and stress of preparing to study abroad.


Program Focus

HKUST considers logistics management to be a strength of their program. 


Sixth Semester Plan

Students would select a plan of study that fulfills at least 12 cr. of coursework, however have the option of three plans of study:

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours Requisites
IE 33600 Operations Research – Stochastic Models 3 IE 23000; MA 26500; MA 26600 (co-requisite)
IE 48600 Work Design and Analysis II 3 IE 38600
TE or IE 34300 Engineering Economics 3 MA 16200; ENGR 13100
TE   3  
TE   3  


Sample Degree Map


Pre-Approved Courses*:

Courses are typically 3 credit hours each.

HKUST Course

Purdue Equivalent Course
 IEDA 3250 – Operations Research II  IE 33600 – Operations Research – Stochastic Models
 IEDA 3230 – Engineering Economy  IE 34300 – Engineering Economics
 IEDA 3150 – Manufacturing Processes**  IE 37000 – Manufacturing Processes I
 IEDA 4100 – Integrated Production Systems  IE 38300 – Integrated Production Systems I
 IEDA 4650 – Engineering Psychology  IE 48600 – Work Analysis and Design II
 MATH 4432 - Statistical Machine Learning  IE 49000 – Statistical Machine Learning
 IEDA 4130 – System Simulation  IE 49000 – System Simulation
 IEDA 3270 – Quality Engineering  IE 49000 – Quality Engineering
 IEDA 3901 – Transportation Systems  IE 49000 – Transportation Systems
 IEDA 2410 – Logistics and Freight Transportation Operations  IE 49000 – Logistics and Freight Transportation Operations
 IEDA 4180 - Service Engineering and Management  IE 49000 – Service Engineering and Management
 IEDA 3410 - Routing and Fleet Management  IE 49000 – Routing and Fleet Management
 IEDA 3302 - E-Commerce Technology and Applications  IE 49000 – IE-Commerce Technology
  Some non-major courses may be approved. Check with your advisor.

*Contingent on availability.

** This course is not always offered during spring term.



  • Meet with your IE academic advisor to discuss if and how this opportunity will work for you
  • Register for the appropriate study abroad program for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  • Complete any required documents necessary for enrollment and travel