Semester Exchange at EAFIT in Medellín, Colombia

Information on Universidad EAFIT

It is strongly recommended for students interested in this program to register for ENGR 29701 – Global Engineering Orientation (1 cr.) in the Fall semester prior to studying abroad. The ENGR 29701 course prepares students in a variety of ways (cultural training, some language training, applications for visa, etc.), which can substantially reduce the burden and stress of preparing to study abroad.


Program Focus

Production Engineering


Sixth Semester Plan

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours Requisites
IE 37000 Manufacturing Processes I 3 ME 27000; NUCL 27300 (co-requisite) 
TE   3  
TE   3  
TE   3  
GE/TE   3  


Students would select a plan of study that fulfills at least 12 cr. of coursework. 


Pre-Approved Courses*:

Courses are typically 3 credit hours each.

EAFIT Course

Purdue Equivalent Course
IP0242 – Procesos de Manufacture 1 IE 37000 – Manufacturing Processes I
IP0244 - Propiedades y Ensayos IE 49000 – Testing and Properties of Materials for Manufacturing
NI0281 - Management of the Global Supply Chain IE 49000 – Global Supply Chain Management
NI0278 - Supply Chain and International Physical Distribution IE 49000 – Supply Chain and International Physical Distribution
IP0240 – Materiales IE 49000 - Materials in Manufacturing
IP0258 - Control de Produccion IE 59000 – Simulation for Production
  Some non-major courses may be approved. Check with your advisor.

*Contingent on availability.



  • Meet with your IE academic advisor to discuss if and how this opportunity will work for you
  • Register for the appropriate study abroad program for Universidad EAFIT.
  • Complete any required documents necessary for enrollment and travel