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Interested in Enrolling in an EPICS Course?

EPICS is an academic program in which teams of Purdue students partner with local not-for-profit community organizations to provide technology solutions. This is a long-term partnership, which allows for more significant projects that may take 2 or more semesters to complete. EPICS projects are intended to solve real problems, and are defined in consultation with project partners from not-for-profit community organizations. The best way to learn more about EPICS is to read about the different teams and the types of projects they are working on.

There are many benefits of participating in EPICS:

  • Gain design experience of real systems
  • Develop teamwork & communication skills
  • Gain project planning & leadership experience
  • Develop customer-awareness
  • Gain understanding of ethical, economic, & legal issues
  • Get involved in the community
  • Have something to talk about in interviews!
  • Make a difference!

Things to remember when registering for EPICS:

  • Each EPICS team (which corresponds to a particular lab division) consists of a mix of first year, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, many majoring in non-engineering fields such as education, liberal arts, science, health and human sciences, and technology.
  • Students are expected to participate within a team and contribute to one or more projects for at least two consecutive semesters on campus, and students may participate multiple semesters.
  • Each team has a scheduled 2-hour lab time each week.
  • All teams have a common lecture hour on Mondays from  4:30 - 5:20 pm. For students who have a conflict with the 4:30 pm lecture, an alternate lecture time is available at 5:30 pm (the 5:30 lecture only meets the first week, then future lectures are done online.  Students who can register for the 4:30 lecture should.)
  • You receive academic credit (1 or 2 credit hours per semester) for participating in EPICS.  How academic credits are applied to your major depends on your degree program and is determined by your department and/or advisor.


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