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Video Series

Event Date: March 18, 2020

Dr. Kerrie Douglas, Purdue University Assistant Professor of Engineering Education, and colleagues conducted a NSF-funded study that began in 2016 to develop an evaluation framework for large STEM online courses. In this video series, Douglas addresses the needs for instructors who are called to move their courses online due to the coronavirus pandemic. She shares what her team identified and learned that will be helpful for faculty looking to take their STEM coursework online. 

The Research

NSF Award No.1544259

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Quality Learning Experience Online: What makes an online course good?

Dr. Douglas talks about findings from the NSF-funded study to develop an evaluation framework for large STEM online courses. She shares her own quest to find out what makes an online course good.

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Where to Start for Online Course Instruction: A First-Time Faculty Focus

Dr. Douglas shares her expertise on ways to best structure online courses, for the first-time faculty experience and experienced faculty wanting to make a change to their current online courses. Hint: Talk to your students to find out what tools they are already using online.

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Video Best Practices for Online Instruction: Lecture in Segments

Dr. Douglas shares best practices for faculty transferring their course materials online for the first time, primarily with the need to video their lecture. "Chunk it" says Douglas. In other words, break up your lecture into 10 minute segments to allow online interaction and to assess student knowledge along the way.

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Online Instruction and Student Feedback

"Reading student faces and getting that immediate feedback is such a huge part of teaching in person." Dr. Douglas talks about how to get the same type of feedback through online course instruction using short video segments and frequent assessment cycles. She also has found a great way to still have face-to-face engagement through her own video feedback specific to a student and teams.

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Online Instruction: Busting Misconceptions and Providing Best Practices for Engaging Students

Dr. Douglas talks about misconceptions of online learning - from both faculty and students. She shares best practices to connect faculty and students in a meaningful way. 

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Moving Classroom Lab Instruction Online

Dr. Douglas addresses recent concerns from faculty who need to move their lab instruction online. Dr. Douglas provides a starting point and lists some options already online and in use at institutions around the world.

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More Resources Mentioned in Video Series

Purdue Webex


Purdue Innovative Learning (links to many resources for teaching remotely)

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10 ways to engage students actively online. Led and written by Dr. Donna Riley with contributors Kerrie Douglas, Nathan Hicks, Brent Jesiek, Isabel Jimenez-Useche, Paul Leidig, Memoria Matters, Tamara Moore, Alice Pawley, Karl Smith, Ruth Streveler, Nicole Towner and Carla Zoltowski.

Last Updated: April 9, 2020