Design-based research to broaden participation in pre-college engineering: research and practice of an interest-based engineering challenges framework

Event Date: November 22, 2017
Authors: Avneet Hira and Dr. Morgan Hynes
Journal: Taylor & Francis
This paper presents a design-based research project undertaken to test and implement an interest-based engineering challenges framework for pre-college students.

This work is motivated by the need for innovative engineering education practices in pre-college settings, and making engineering more inclusive for people from diverse backgrounds. The design-based research methodology can be challenging to implement as it comprises of multiple, cyclical research activities that provide challenges in documenting and communicating the larger study’s progress. This paper presents findings from this continuously evolving study, and also the design and implementation of this design-based research at roughly the halfway point for a four-year study. Each of the consequent versions scaffold to answer the broader research questions of the study pertaining to: engineering appealing to students’ personal interests, empowering underrepresented groups to find meaningful connections to engineering, leading more authentic engagement in engineering and design practices, and improving students’ attitudes and perception of engineering.