ENE-Affiliated Labs, Institutes and Centers at Purdue

Fusion Studio for Entertainment & Engineering

Through Fusion Studio, a thriving community of industry partners, scholars and practitioners at the nexus of engineering and live entertainment serve as a hub for theatre-related pedagogical innovation. ENE faculty: Robin Adams

Ideas to Innovation Learning Laboratory (i2i)

The i2i lab is an experiential, collaborative, reconfigurable learning environment that prepares engineering students for professional programs and the workforce. ENE faculty: Jason Morphew

INSPIRE Research Institute for Pre-College Engineering

INSPIRE studies engineering thinking and learning to engage K-12 learners and educational systems. The institute produces a popular, annual Engineering Gift Guide for children and teens. ENE faculty: Tamara Moore and Morgan Hynes

National Institute for Engineering Ethics (NIEE)

With headquarters at the Purdue School of Engineering Education, NIEE is a professional society that develops and fosters education, training, and discourse in engineering ethics. ENE faculty: Brent Jesiek and Justin Hess

Mechanical Engineering Research Center at Purdue (MEERCAT-Purdue)

MEERCat-Purdue is a first-of-its-kind research consortium that leverages collaboration among faculty from the Schools of Engineering Education and Mechanical Engineering to address school-to-workforce transition. ENE faculty: Ed Berger

Purdue Applied Research Institute (PARI)

Focused on national security, global development, infrastructure, and critical technologies. PARI serves as collaborative bridge between Purdue STEM researchers and government/industry partners. ENE faculty: Jennifer DeBoer


Led by Purdue, the SCalable Asymmetric Lifecycle Engagement (SCALE) program ensures best practices in the training of defense sector-bound microelectronics engineers, hardware designers, and manufacturing experts. Through INSPIRE (see above), the SCALE K-12 team brings awareness of microelectronics careers to elementary, middle school and high school students in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. ENE faculty: Tamara MooreKerrie DouglasMorgan Hynes, Selcen Guzey, and Mary Pilotte

Social Policy and Higher Education Research in Engineering (SPHERE)

The SPHERE lab conducts research on access, persistence, and diversity in STEM education to shape policies and programs that support student academic trajectories and to strengthen talent development. ENE faculty: Joyce Main