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Research Publications

July 31, 2017

Estimating a missing examination score

In science and engineering courses, instructors administer multiple examinations as major assessments of students’ learning. When a student is unable to take an exam, the instructor might estimate the missing exam score to calculate the student’s course grade.
May 15, 2017

Bridging the design-science gap with tools: Science learning and design behaviors in a simulated environment for engineering design

Many pedagogical innovations aim to integrate engineering design and science learning. However, students frequently show little attempt or have difficulties in connecting their design projects with the underlying science. Drawing upon the Cultural-Historical Activity Theory, we argue that the design tools available in a learning environment implicitly shape knowledge development as they mediate students’ design actions.
April 17, 2017

Identifying the characteristics of engineering innovativeness

The use of science and engineering skills to address the novel challenges of modern society through innovative solutions is regarded as an essential strategy around the world. Many of the studies on innovators, however, are not specific to engineers.
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