Faculty members and graduate students in Purdue’s School of Engineering Education, along with collaborators across campus and around the world are conducting ground- breaking research in five areas. Results of their work have been documented in hundreds of journal articles and conference papers and also implemented in classrooms around the world.

Research Areas

Understanding and assessing how people learn

 – from difficult technical concepts to teamwork, ethics, entrepreneurship, global competencies, and much more

Defining frameworks, developing methods and designing data infrastructures

 – defining and setting standards for quantitative and qualitative research methods, working with big and small data, and developing tools that serve our community

Improving pre-college engineering education

– faculty, staff and students of the INSPIRE research center lead the way in integrating engineering with science, math, and language arts in pre-college classrooms in a way that engages learners and promotes participation of students from groups underrepresented in engineering

Effecting change in engineering education (research to practice)

 – working with colleagues in other engineering disciplines to connect research findings to classroom practice

Advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity

 – reframing how we think about diversity, inclusion, and equity and designing improved interventions across all educational levels.

Last Updated: 03/17/20