OPEN HOUSE for Prospective Graduate Students: October 16-17, 2013

Interested in doctoral studies in engineering education at Purdue University? Attend our open house and find out what the School of Engineering Education—home of the country's first academic program in this growing field—has to offer you. During this two-day program, you can:ENE grad students

  • sit in on a research seminar  
  • meet doctoral students currently enrolled in our program
  • talk one-on-one with faculty in your area of interest

Things to do before your trip:

  1. Read through faculty and student profiles to see what research you'd like to learn more about before you visit.  
  2. Download a pdf of our open house schedule.
  3. Registration is Now CLOSED!
  4. Travel grants can be applied for online through the registration link.
  5. Book a room to stay overnight on October 16th. Ask for the Engineering Education block at the Union Club Hotel (765-494-8913 or 800-320-6291) or any of the hotels around campus.
  6. Arrange your travel to Purdue. 
    Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana—70 miles northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana, and 110 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois. The School of Engineering Education is housed in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Suite 1300, at the corner of Northwestern and Stadium Avenues.  West Lafayette is on Eastern Standard/Daylight Time, and we have no direct flights to the Greater Lafayette area. Visitors normally fly into Chicago-O'Hare (Central Standard/Daylight Time) or Indianapolis (Eastern Standard/Daylight Time). Once arrived at either place, one might either take a shuttle to Purdue (Star of America or Lafayette Limo from Indy, or Express Air Coach from O'Hare) or hire a rental car (the drive is between 2-3 hours from O'Hare and an hour timechange; 1 hour from Indy and same timezone as Purdue). We recommend flying into Indianapolis if you can, particularly during the winter months - less risk of snow, and the drive is shorter. Other information about traveling to and visiting Purdue can be found here. Please keep all your travel receipts so we can reimburse you through your travel grant.
  7. Share our flier with colleagues who also might be interested in learning more about our program.
  8. View additional information online about our program.

    Look forward to Oct. 16—we sure are!

    Contact Loretta McKinniss, Graduate Program Coordinator, at or call 765.494.3331 with any questions—and check this page for updates. We look forward to welcoming you to campus! Here are a few extra bits of information that might be helpful about the Open House and our program.

    Engineering Education at Purdue. LEARNING to Make a DIFFERENCE.