Engineering Education Graduate Student Association

Hello! Welcome to the Purdue University ENEGSA website. We hope you are able to find all of the information you need in the content below. Whether you come from Indiana, Pakistan or Peru, we want you to become part of the engineering education community. You can contact us at our Gmail address.

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The ENEGSA exists to enhance the scholarly community of graduate students within the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University by:

  • Sponsoring seminars and activities
  • Providing graduate student representation on various College of Engineering, School of Engineering Education, and various student-organized committees and organizations
  • Providing opportunities for professional development and networking
  • Assisting in the recruitment of new graduate students
  • Supporting members in the mentoring of other graduate students
  • Facilitating social interactions within the graduate student body and between the graduate student body, their families, and the community


The ENEGSA constitution (PDF) was ratified in November 2015. 

Elected Officers

Please contact the officers if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the ENEGSA. We are members of the ENE student body who have been elected to serve. ENEGSA officer elections are held each academic year, so please look for election announcements in your email if you are a member of the ENE student body. The ENEGSA 2024-25 Elected Board is as follows:

  • Leo Pollettini, President
  • Artre Turner, Treasurer
  • Yash Garje, Secretary
  • GSAC Representative – OPEN
  • Anyerson Basurto, PGSG Senior Senator
  • PGSG Junior Senator – OPEN
  • Sidd Joshi, ENE Graduate Committee 1st Junior Chair
  • Rachel Gehr, ENE Graduate Committee 2nd Junior Chair
  • Austin Peters, ENE Graduate Committee 3rd Junior Chair

ENEGSA Committees

Each year ENE students have the opportunity to volunteer to be a member on an ENEGSA committee. Committee members play a vital role in the operations of the ENEGSA. Available committees are subject to change throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming involved in a committee or would like to initiate a committee, please contact an officer or the respective committee chair.

  • Professional Development Committee Chair – OPEN
  • Social Networking Committee Chair – OPEN
  • Student Relations Committee Chair – OPEN
  • Multicultural Committee Chair – OPEN
  • Social Justice & Inclusion Committee Chair – OPEN
  • Communications Committee Chair – OPEN
  • Finance/Fundraising Committee Chair – OPEN
  • Parenting Committe Chair – OPEN


Need a roommate for the ASEE conference? Want to collaborate on a workshop idea? Then this is where you need to be! Yes, we have a student email list serve, but why not tap into the social media successes of short, current information exchange? The idea behind the ENEGSA LiveFeed is to support the ENE community environment by communicating current events and ideas through short updated blurbs. Try it out!

Previous Officers

This section recognizes the previous officers that have contributed to the growth of the ENEGSA. These people hold a wealth of knowledge about ENE and the COE. If you are interested in running for an ENEGSA position or are currently in an ENEGSA position and need information, it is highly recommended that you contact the people below.


  • Elizabeth Sanders, President
  • Nat Gentry, Secretary
  • Breejha Quezada, Treasurer
  • Olivia Li, PGSC Senator
  • Cristian Eduardo Vargas Ordonez, GSAC Representtative
  • Ahmed Butt, ENE Graduate Committee Senior Chair
  • Athena Lin, ENE Graduate Committee Junior Chair - 1st chair
  • Paul Leidig, ENE Graduate Committee Junior Chair - 2nd chair


  • Aziz Dridi (President)
  • Olivia Li (Secretary)
  • Sri Dustker (Treasurer)


  • Jacki Rohde (President)
  • Hillary Merzdorf (Secretary)
  • David Waller (Treasurer)


  • Brianna Benedict (President)
  • Jacki Rohde (Treasurer)
  • Amanda Johnson (Secretary)


  • Chanel Beebe (President)
  • Dhinesh Radhakrishnan (Treasurer)
  • Kayla Carter (Secretary)


  • Cole Josyln (President)
  • Avneet Hira (Treasurer)
  • Hector Rodriguez (Secretary)


  • Kelsey Rodgers (President)
  • Neha Choudhary (Secretary)


  • Jaqi McNeil (President)
  • Anastasia Rynearson (Treasurer)


  • Justin L Hess (President)
  • Jaqi McNeil (Treasurer)


  • Velvet Fitzpatrick (President)
  • Qu Jin (Treasurer)


  • Brianna Dorie (President)
  • Nichole Ramirez (Treasurer)

2010 (calendar year)

  • Meagan Ross (President)
  • Beth Fralick (Treasurer)

2009 (calendar year)

  • James Cawthorne (President)
  • Tiago Forin (Treasurer)


Last Updated: August 24, 2022